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Enterprises accompany Hue Festival

TTH.VN - Mr. Nguyen Dung - Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee, Standing Vice Chairman of the Organizing Committee of Hue Festival 2020 affirmed that the success of the Hue Festival has had the contribution and companion of sponsors, and so do the next 11th Festival (in 2020).

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There will be more community programs to be held during Hue Festival 2020. Image: Street Festival in Hue Festival 2018


Since the first Hue Festival was held (in 2000), it has been accompanied and supported by sponsors. In particular, Hue Brewery Co. Ltd., and now, Carlsberg Vietnam Co., Ltd. later; Vietnam Airlines, Jetstar Pacific Airlines; Vietcombank, Vietinbank, BIDV, Agribank; Vietravel Travel Company, Mobifone, VNPT ... have become the reliable partners of these national and international festivals.

Hue Festival Center, the standing agency of Hue Festival 2020 Organizing Board, said that by the beginning of December 2019, the Hue Festival 2020 received the sponsorship of many units, with about 21 billion VND, nearly equal to the amount of Hue Festival 2018. The Organizing Board has officially signed sponsorship contracts with a number of sponsors and the signing will be continued with other ones in the coming time. From now to the festival, the Organizing Board will continue to call for more companion with the festival.

Vietnam Airlines and Jetstar Pacific Airlines continue to accompany Hue Festival

Recently, at the signing ceremony with the sponsors for Hue Festival 2020, Mr. Nguyen Dung affirmed that the socialization for Hue Festival was being encouraged and focused on by the Organizing Board to increase resources for the festival, while reducing spending from the budget.

As a partner on Hue Festival since the first time, this year Carlsberg Vietnam Co., Ltd sponsors the “largest” amount that the festival has ever received. With VND 8 billion, it becomes a platinum sponsor.

It is no coincidence that Hue Festival receives a constant companion. According to Mr. Nathaniel Moxom, General Director of Carlsberg Vietnam Co. Ltd., Hue Festival has become famous in the world. Sponsoring Hue Festival is an opportunity for Carlsberg Vietnam's image to be promoted more widely. Carlsberg Vietnam always wishes the Festival success so that the cooperation and companion becomes more effective.

Over the past years, Vietnam Airlines and Jetstar Pacific Airlines have always been the carriers for delegates and artists. Both airlines have increased their flight frequency to bring more passengers to Hue, even at peak times and holidays. These two airlines also continue to trust and accompany Hue Festival 2020.

“Magazines on all flights of Vietnam Airlines and Jetstar Pacific Airlines always have regular articles introducing Hue culture and tourism, and we will continue to introduce Hue Festival 2020 and Hue culture to domestic and international tourists,” affirmed Mr. Dao Manh Kien, Director of Vietnam Airlines Branch in Central Region.

Socializing each program

With the theme "Cultural heritage with integration and development - Hue is always new", the 11th Hue Festival takes place from April 1st to 6th, 2020.  It will be the convergence of fascinating art shows from 20 countries the world over.

In addition to the concrete numbers in cash of the sponsors for Hue Festival 2020, this year's festival receives a lot of sponsorship through programs and activities, including Trinh Cong Son music show, organized by this late talented musician’s family. The program has become a "blockbuster" event in recent festivals and it continues to gather Vietnam's top artists in this time. The cost to organize such programs can be up to billions of VND.

Another program expected to attract audiences, especially young people is "Electronic Music Festival" to be held at Tu Do Stadium. This program is also organized by a sponsor. It will help the audience and visitors to Hue Festival not only experience and immerse themselves in traditional art, but also "get drunk" with rock and exciting electronic music.

“Hue Festival has never received so much attention and support of media units in promoting the festival,” Mr. Nguyen Dung added. In addition to the festival programs, the ability to promote well and in a diverse manner contributes greatly to attracting visitors to Hue Festival.

According to the Organizing Board, this year's Hue Festival focuses heavily on activities, highlighting community festivals, which are highly interactive with visitors. For example, the Street Festival will be expanded in scale, as well as be more unique and different; or "Ao dai Festival" is also expanded in scale, with the participation of thousands of mass actors, showing the closeness to tourists ...; Thereby, the image of the units accompanying Hue Festival is closer to the public.

Story and photos: Duc Quang

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Economic development from Hue Festival

With each edition of Hue Festival, in addition to its role as a place of convergence and interference of unique cultures around the world, the exploitation of the festival to promote economic development is becoming increasingly evident.

Economic development from Hue Festival
“Artistic inspiration from royal patterns”

On the afternoon of June 3, at the Truong Lang Corridor of the Forbidden City, Hue Imperial City, Hue Monuments Conservation Center in collaboration with Hue University of Arts organized the opening ceremony of an exhibition on arts and heritage, with the theme “Artistic inspiration from royal patterns”. The exhibition is part of a series of activities in response to the highlight week of Hue Festival 2024.

“Artistic inspiration from royal patterns”
Hue Festival - Brand, class, allure

Thua Thien Hue is a leading locality in organizing the contemporary form of national and international festivals. After more than 24 years of existence and development, the Hue Festival has become a noteworthy event in the system of festivals worldwide.

Hue Festival - Brand, class, allure
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