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Hue University: Multidisciplinary training for digital transformation

TTH.VN - To contribute to the project of 10,000 information technician (IT) as well as the province's digital transformation process, Hue University is conducting training and transferring important majors, expanding fields associated with IT applications.

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Students could learn the knowledge and skills to apply to business digital transformation

Training human resources for digital transformation

In the face of the current situation of IT human resources shortage, and there is a huge gap between the quality of IT human resources who graduated from university and the requirements of enterprises while the digital transformation is taking place strongly, Hue University and other training units is promoting human resource training in the direction of diversifying occupations for digital transformation.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Le Anh Phuong, President of Hue University, said that currently, Hue University has 6 IT training units, including: University of Science, University of Pedagogy, University of Economics, College of Tourism, Faculty of Engineering and Technology, and International School. All member units of Hue University have been accredited to ensure the quality of education for IT training.

In addition to training at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels with many departments, serving the development of the IT field relatively fully, Hue University also develops short-term training programs to grant certificates to learners, such as: programmer, network administrator/network security, data mining, machine learning, social network analysis.

“In 2022, the scale of undergraduate training will be 1,500 students, 100 masters and 20 doctoral students. Student recruitment scale is 1,000 undergraduate students, 50 masters and 10 doctoral students. We expect to make a great contribution to the implementation of the project of 10,000 IT workers in the province by 2025,” Dr. Le Anh Phuong said.

Along with the IT industry, the training units are directly training and transferring many important project that contribute to the success of the digital transformation nationwide and step by step international integration, such as: Data Science and artificial intelligence; IoT & Robotics; automation and digital technology; electricity - electronics and telecommunications; Software technology; information safety and network security; e-commerce; digital marketing; finance - digital accounting; multimedia communications; digital art; electronic travel; press and media; digital communication technology.

According to Dr. Nguyen Quang Lich, Vice Dean in charge of Faculty of Engineering and Technology - Hue University, in the process of digital transformation, job opportunities are not only limited to the IT field but also expand to other professions in the society that require IT applications.

Typically, the fields in industrial production, electrical and electronic disciplines and automation control engineering always contribute as tools to support real-time access to data as well as production operations. These technical tools help to optimize the connection process between parts of a business or organization. Therefore, the training unit focuses on finding more resources to invest in facilities, increase the rate of practice in the training program, and associate with the business model in training.

Hue University signed a cooperation agreement with Vietnam Software and IT Services Association

Business cooperation, arousing the youth spirit

Recently, within the framework of the province's digital transformation week (August 17-19), Hue University signed a cooperation agreement with the Vietnam Association of Software and IT Services. Both sides will focus on implementing many contents, including linking training and developing human resource; internship, recruitment; organizing conferences, scientific seminars, updates and exchange information, meetings, job fairs, innovation startup awards; research and development; promoting start-ups in schools…

Standing Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee Phan Ngoc Tho affirmed that Thua Thien Hue's development orientation is based on the foundation of preserving and promoting the ancient capital heritage and Hue cultural identity, with its cultural, heritage, ecological and landscape characteristics, in an eco-friendly and smart way. The province also makes efforts to build digital government, digital society, digital economy, and IT resources in the digital economy, which are very important nowadays.

Since the past time, the investment wave in Hue, including IT investors, has shown positive signs. The cooperation role of training units and businesses is very important and the province always creates the most favorable conditions for the units to develop, jointly contributing to the development of Thua Thien Hue province.

Provincial leaders wish that many technology startups will be nurtured and formed by young people through the process of studying, training and practicing in the environment of Hue University.

According to Dr. Le Anh Phuong, Hue University is implementing many solutions to effectively promote activities such as semesters in enterprises, contributing to improving the quality of students in the learning process and supporting businesses in accessing local human resources early.

Hue University also focuses on improving the experience, skills and expertise for the teaching staff, with lecturers being trained with masters and doctorates in countries with advanced IT background, such as the US, Japan, Austria, UK, France... At the same time, it also pays attention to arouse the youth spirit in digital transformation with mentoring programs and training students to participate in innovative start-up activities in related fields.

Story and photos: Huu Phuc

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