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Intensive training for e-commerce merchants

TTH.VN - This activity was organized by Hue city People's Committee in collaboration with the Department of Planning and Investment on the morning of October 7.

Hue specialties for Tet available on e-commerce platformEnhancing business capacity in e-commerce fieldHue specialties for Tet available on e-commerce platform

Selling on e-commerce platform will help establishments and businesses in Hue city easily consume their products and increase the competitiveness.

Hue city is one of the localities owning many OCOP products that meet the 3-star criteria and being listed on the e-commerce platform. However, because the production facilities have not yet grasped the information to promote and speed up trade promotion to introduce products, have not yet reached customers through online sales channels and Facebook, etc... so many products have not been far-reaching.

The training course focuses on specialized topics on selling on the e-commerce platform, such as understanding Digital marketing; Online customers and sales closing techniques; SEO optimization, writing Facebook content; techniques to reach target customers on google and Facebook... Joining the training course, the establishments also grasp more useful information and skills such as market analysis methods to evaluate competitors; building Top products on Shopee; increase conversion rate and order value…

Taking place from October 7-15, the training course is instructed by Nguyen Dinh Nam, M.A., an expert in implementing Digital marketing, Sales and building business operating systems; and Mr. Tran Lam, an expert on e-commerce platform, CEO of July House, cum Ambassador of Lazada.

By Thanh Huong

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Elevating sales into art

Within the framework of the program “Women cooperate - create the future”, on October 24, Startup Vietnam Foundation (SVF) and Dong Ba Market Management Board held an inspirational meeting with the theme “Art of displaying shelves & attracting customers” for Dong Ba market small traders.

Elevating sales into art
Enhancing business capacity in e-commerce field

Being organized by the Department of Planning and Investment, the intensive training course for businesses in the field of digital marketing and practical experience on e-commerce platform has just been closed on September 25.

Enhancing business capacity in e-commerce field
Hue specialties for Tet available on e-commerce platform

Eye-catching packages of Phuc linh cookies, banh chung (square-shaped wrapped sticky rice), banh tet (tube-shaped wrapped sticky rice), mut thanh-tra (sugar-crystallized thanh-tra peels), and the forgotten toy figurines are now available on FoodMap as Tet necessities.

Hue specialties for Tet available on e-commerce platform


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