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Roles of Digital Marketing in development trend of Hue tourism

TTH.VN - It was the theme of the seminar organized by the Department of Tourism in coordination with Thien Minh Group on September 6.

The scene of the workshop

Digital Marketing is to use digital technology, the Internet in promotion of tourism brands and tourism products. Utilizing forms of online marketing to make brands and products go further in the future. Accordingly, the basic tools of Digital Marketing include online advertising; email marketing; advertising on search engines; online PR; marketing via mobile phones...

In assessment of Digital Marketing usage in Hue, participants at the seminar said that this was a promotion channel of the digital era, which was fast and convenient, becoming a global trend. In Hue, this concept is still new. Though there is promotion through websites, social networks..., it is not systematic and oriented to specific markets.

Speaking at the seminar, Vice Chairman of the provincial People's Committee Nguyen Dung suggested the tourism industry to study and further boost the promotion of Hue tourism by Digital Marketing in the coming time, especially in the trend of the Industry 4.0 worldwide, contributing to Hue tourism development.

By Duc Quang


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Hue Tourism is ready to welcome tourists to the Festival

After the information that Hue International Arts Festival Week 2024 going to take place from June 7 to June 12 was announced by the organizing committee, the tourism industry and travel agencies have focused on promoting and introducing it to tourists, and supplementing and building tour programs to create more experiences for guests; all are ready to welcome tourists to Hue during this festival.

Hue Tourism is ready to welcome tourists to the Festival
Promoting and showcasing Hue Tourism at Ho Chi Minh City Tourism Day

At the 20th Ho Chi Minh City Tourism Day event held in 2024 under the theme “20 years of thrilling journey” and accompanied by the program message “Welcome to Ho Chi Minh City” (from April 4th to 7th), the Department of Tourism of Thua Thien Hue Province participated in various promotional and marketing activities.

Promoting and showcasing Hue Tourism at Ho Chi Minh City Tourism Day
Making international visitors “fall in love” with Hue

The international tourist market brings huge revenue to the smokeless industry of the province. If a good impression can be left on tourists, they are more willing to become tourism ambassadors who contribute to promoting the culture, landscape, and people of the land of the Perfume River and Ngu Binh mountain.

Making international visitors “fall in love” with Hue
Spreading the love of Hue's culture

Journeys in Hue (JiH) is a group of young enthusiasts dedicated to promoting Hue through social media, viewing it “through the lens of Hue people”. In an interview with Thua Thien Hue Weekly, Le Duc Hoang, the group's representative, stated, “JiH always cherishes the desire to contribute its small part to the development of Hue tourism.”

Spreading the love of Hue s culture


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