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Opportunities to improve income, to improve life

TTH.VN - Expanding the labor market, consulting, recruiting, and sending workers abroad under contract is a goal that the province promotes implementation to create a safe working environment, diversify occupations, and improve productivity and quality of labor workforce.

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Enterprises provide recruitment consultancy on overseas employment for workers

Reducing unemployment, improving the quality of workmanship

As an area considered to be the forefront in sending workers to work abroad, in the period  2017-2020, Phu Vang district had 820 laborers exiting from the country, exceeding 37% of the preset target (600 Laborers).

Head of the Labor - Invalids and Social Affairs Office in Phu Vang district - Mr. Tran Nhon Mang said that vocational training, job creation, and sending workers abroad are essential tasks in the local socio-economic development strategy.

Every year, the specialized unit coordinates with departments, sectors, unions, communes, towns, and recruiting enterprises to organize direct seminars with employees. This aims to disseminate guidelines and support policies of the Party and State and to consult the occupational choices and labor markets for employees to choose, to remove problems and difficulties when working abroad, thereby building trust for employees to feel secure to participate.

For the Department of Labor - Invalids and Social Affairs, the unit and localities have stepped up connecting with service enterprises to bring qualified and reputable employees working abroad to exploit and capture the demand. Then, sending them to work in high-income markets with a stable political and socio-economic security situation, such as Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Romania, Germany, etc.

Mr. Dang Huu Phuc, Director of the Department of Labor, War Invalids, and Social Affairs, said that, at the beginning of each year, the Department sends documents to districts, communes with a challenging condition in coastal areas, and service enterprises to suggest their coordination in synthesizing the list of registered laborers wanting to work abroad to synthesize and sign order contracts with enterprises for training vocation, foreign language; improving essential knowledge, and to organize sending workers abroad following the provisions of Circular No. 15 dated February 15, 2017, of the Ministry of Finance.

Since 2017, sending workers abroad has been deployed extensively, significantly higher than those of 2015 (160 employees) and 2016 (207 employees). In the period 2017 - 2020, the whole province has 3,566 laborers working overseas; specifically, 702 people in 2017; 1,064 people in 2018; 1,475 people in 2019, and 325 people during the first eight months of 2020.

The overseas labor market where laborers come to work is mainly concentrated in countries such as Japan, Taiwan, Korea, etc., with an average income of about 20 to 25 million per month after deducting food, accommodation, and living expenses. This income level has helped laborers save money and have conditions to help their families escape poverty, increase their incomes, and improve living conditions.

Developing a high-quality labor source

To make sure sending laborers abroad ensures the process, regulations of the law, properly applying policies and support procedures for the Vietnamese laborers, the Department of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs has recently organized dozens of training classes for thousands of local officials doing management work, propagandist, and consultants. The Department also issued 3,000 advisory handbooks for working abroad and 30,000 leaflets to propagandize the funding support policy and loan support to work overseas to distribute to localities, enterprises, and laborers.

Policies, processes, and procedures to support the sending workers abroad are all deployed by the Department of Labor - Invalids and Social Affairs and authorities at all levels at seminars, consulting and recruiting employees conferences for working overseas, and at the official websites of authorities at various levels, social networking site like Facebook or Zalo for employees to know and register.

The Department of Labor, Invalids, and Social Affairs coordinates with localities to attract enterprises to organize interviews for orders, opens foreign language training and orientation education establishments in the province for laborers to register to study on-site to reduce the pressure and cost to be paid before working abroad.

Once workers have passed the interview and signed a labor contract, if their family has difficulties and needs a loan, they will be supported to borrow up to 100% of the cost of working abroad under the signed contract between the employees and the enterprises sending them working abroad.

Mr. Dang Huu Phuc affirmed that the activities of sending workers abroad under contract not only create jobs with high income but also contribute to reducing the State and society’s investment costs for vocational training and job creation in the country.

By working abroad, the laborers have a chance to improve their skills, acquire new production technologies and advanced management methods, and being trained the industrial working manners and discipline. This will be a high-quality labor source for the socio-economic development of the locality when these laborers return home to work.

In the period of 2021 - 2025, the Labor - Invalids and Social Affairs sector will continue to coordinate with localities to promote activities about working abroad and try to send from 6,000-7,000 laborers to work abroad, especially concentrating on high-income markets with a stable political and socio-economic situation.

Story and photo: HOAI THUONG

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