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Ready for Hai Ba Trung Pedestrian Street

TTH.VN - With 143 households living in facade areas and alleys, 75 of which are businesses and individual business households, and nearly 900 cars and motorbikes, Hue City People's Committee is implementing the plans to separate traffic flow, arrange the parking and develop business sidewalk rental in Hai Ba Trung Pedestrian Street.

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Spacious and modern Hai Ba Trung Street ready to exploit the pedestrian street

Spacious and modern

Subsequent to the implementation period of the renewal project and over a month of putting it into use, Hai Ba Trung Street section from Nguyen Hue 5-way intersection to Ngo Quyen intersection has become the most spacious and modern street in  Hue City.

The synchronized infrastructure and wide sidewalks create the driving force for businesses and people to invest in renewing the facade area, so the street is more spacious, clean, and beautiful, attracting many residents and visitors.

As a large-scale tourism business located on Hai Ba Trung Street, after the renewal project was fulfilled and put into use, Mr. Le Quang Binh, Thanh Lich (Elegance) Hotel owner was overjoyed.

“For nearly 30 years of service business on this street, I have witnessed the change of the street through investment in upgrading, the excitement and bustle when many businesses have sprung up in recent years. This is the first time the city has invested in renewing a street with synchronous and modern infrastructure and formed a pedestrian city, creating favorable conditions to increase services and attract tourists. Concurrently, it creates a civilized, modern, and model quarter on par with pedestrian streets at home and abroad," said Mr. Binh.

With the advantage of the house located in front of Hai Ba Trung Street, for years, Ms. Tran Thi Thanh, at 40 Hai Ba Trung, has done a small-scale grocery business. However, after receiving the notice from Vinh Ninh Ward People's Committee on the policy of forming a pedestrian street and the regulation on leasing the business sidewalk, Ms. Thanh did not return the sidewalk to the ward but registered to rent it to expand business activities, and increase income.

Ms. Thanh said that Hai Ba Trung Street has long been bustling and convenient for business when the premises are located near the hospital, market, university, and cinema. Therefore, soon, the birth of a pedestrian street surely increases the number of tourists,  so I plan to open more refreshment services on the sidewalk.

Proper plan devised

Aside from the advantages and utilities when Hai Ba Trung Street becomes a pedestrian street, the business, service establishments, and people also face many difficulties and inconveniences in transporting passengers, luggage, goods, and parking during the pedestrian street activity.

 Parking for visitors on Hai Ba Trung Street section from Nguyen Hue 5-way intersection to Phan Dinh Phung will be arranged

According to Mr. Nguyen Van Nhan, living in Hai Ba Trung alley, his family includes people who do business, provide service, or go to school, etc., so the activity hours are erratic, and the time to go home is mainly after 19:00. Therefore if this street becomes a pedestrian street, banning vehicles at night will gets us not to know where to park.

Hai Ba Trung Pedestrian Street parking for tourist cars will be arranged on Dong Da Street section from Ly Thuong Kiet intersection to Nguyen Hue 5-way intersection.

Regarding the plan to arrange parking lots for households on the street, Chairman of Vinh Ninh Ward People's Committee, Mr. Nguyen Duc Tuong Thoai said, “The ward sent the documents to the units around the street such as Hue Industrial College, Hue University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Hue Cinestar ... on the coordination in arranging parking lots to reduce vehicle number on the streets around the quarter and received the written consent of the units."

Accordingly, the motorbikes and cars of the households will be free to park at the above locations. In addition, the ward is developing the plan to transport luggage and passengers of service businesses located on the street during the organization of pedestrian street and arranging parking in Dong Da, Ngo Gia Tu and Ngo Quyen,  Nguyen Hue streets … to facilitate the residents and visitors.

As an accommodation business with nearly 5 years of experience operating in Chu Van An - Vo Thi Sau - Pham Ngu Lao Pedestrian Streets, when Hai Ba Trung Pedestrian Street operates, Hue Thanh Lich (Elegance) Hotel plans to overcome difficulties, find ways to benefit from the street. It invests in small trucks to transport goods from the alleys to the hotel when Hai Ba Trung Street is closed to vehicles and equips trolleys to convey guest luggage from tourist parking lots in Dong Da, Ngo Gia Tu, and Nguyen Van Cu streets... For passengers, the staff will pick up and lead guests to walk on the street to the hotel.

Mr. Nguyen Duc Tuong Thoai said that after receiving the notice on the policy of forming a pedestrian street, the ward held the meetings and consulted the households living on the street, and most of them agreed and responded. Many households voluntarily removed the sheds and steps for constructing sidewalks and agreed on the plan of sidewalk rental. The ward also announced the policy of business in souvenirs, Hue specialties, refreshments, and fashion on empty sidewalk areas and created favorable conditions for households on the street to do business registration.

To ensure security and order, environmental sanitation, etc., the ward also established a Pedestrian Street Management Board, and devised the plan to ensure security and order, traffic flow separation, parking arrangement, etc. during the pedestrian street activity.

 Hai Ba Trung Street is bustling as the synchronous investment in infrastructure is made

Further, the ward surveyed and created conditions for households in the facade area to borrow bank loans to renew their houses, creating synchronism for the ward. So far 6 households have registered for loans at a level of 30-50 million VND. Concurrently, the ward involved the households and service businesses in redecorating the facade, made plans to arrange parking inside restaurants, and involved businesses and houses in opening door for visitors to use the toilet during the pedestrian street activity.

Story and photos: Thanh Huong


With Hue, “do not sleep too early”

Not similar to the “Western Street” (the Pham Ngu Lao - Chu Van An - Vo Thi Sau Walking Street) and Hue Imperial City Night Street, Hai Ba Trung Walking Street is expected to be a bustling shopping street, serving the needs of nightlife entertainment for the locals and visitors, which is also a venue of cultural, artistic and street music activities.

With Hue, “do not sleep too early”
Hai Ba Trung Walking Street launched

On the evening of March 26, the People's Committee of Hue City held the launching ceremony of Hai Ba Trung Walking Street, located on Hai Ba Trung Street, Vinh Ninh Ward, Hue City.

Hai Ba Trung Walking Street launched
Speeding up urban embellishment projects

On November 14, Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee Nguyen Van Phuong made a field trip to inspect the implementation of the project of embellishing the banks of the Huong River in combination with the wharf located along Bui Thi Xuan Park, and the project of Hai Ba Trung pedestrian street (Hue City). Accompanying him was Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee Hoang Hai Minh.

Speeding up urban embellishment projects
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