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Trust for consumers created

TTH.VN - To date, 8 safe and organic food supply chains have taken shape in the province with 15 typical local products.

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 Safe agricultural products. Photo: Ngoc Hoa

Rice and pork of Que Lam Agricultural Products One-Member Company, Ltd. are among 15 typical products in the province. These are safe and organic products produced by a closed and cyclic process and technology. The process of producing rice and pork does not fully use chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides, growth stimulants, or weight gain stimulants…

Que Lam’s organic agricultural products gain an initial foothold in the market inside and outside the province and enjoy the support of consumers. However, initially, due to full unawareness of the benefits of organic products, consumers are hesitant to use them. Therefore, the organic output produced by this unit remains limited and is consumed largely in restaurants, hotels, and supermarkets. Que Lam Organic Agricultural Products One-Member Company, Ltd. has also formed a consumption chain with three types of rice, pork, and products processed from pork.

At Hue Viet Organic One-Member Company, Ltd., three food supply chains are formed with four typical products including two types of vegetables, dried lotus seeds, and peanuts. At the Safe Agricultural Product Production and Trading Cooperative (A Luoi), three agricultural supply chains are formed with three typical organic products including bananas, squashes, and pumpkins.

 Hue Viet organic products

Ms. Ho Thi Hai Yen in Vy Da (Hue City) realized that not only her family but also a section of the people are tending to switch to using safe, organic agricultural products. The agricultural products Ms. Yen often buys are mainly from Que Lam, Hue Viet, and A Luoi safe agricultural product unit... because they have clear brands and product origins. Ms. Yen feels secure and confident about using safe and organic products in the province.

Mr. Nguyen Xuan Truong, Deputy Director of the Provincial Department of Agro-Forestry-Fisheries Quality Control, said that confirming participation in a safe food supply chain will create trust for customers in products. This is because the products have strictly been controlled in terms of quality and food safety from initial production to preliminary processing, slaughtering, processing, and reaching consumers through the use of electronic stamps for traceability. Therefore, it contributes to increasing product value against normal products.

Safe food supply chain models have been built and developed, contributing to step by step meeting people's demand for safe product consumption. Consumers also feel more secure when tracing product origins in a safe food supply chain.

The Sub-department of Agro-Forestry-Fisheries Quality Control affirmed that in the coming time, it will continue to propagate the safe food supply chain model, encourage producers and businesses to connect with the model; mobilize consumers to choose to buy safe products and products from a safe food supply chain.

Particularly, the Sub-department will strengthen the formation of production and product consumption links in the province and expand to the regional provinces and national large cities. It will coordinate and connect with neighboring provinces to sign deals,  coordinate management, and connect the consumption of safe agricultural products and food for the establishments in the safe food supply chain.

Traditional products are built to promote and introduce products of establishments involved in the product supply chain and how to identify products involved in the chain. Accordingly, the Sub-department strengthens quality supervision of establishments certified to join the chain, appraises food safety conditions, takes quality monitoring samples to strictly control products involved in the chain, and maintains the prestige of products involved in the chain.

In Mr. Nguyen Xuan Truong’s evaluation, after 10 years of implementation,  the project "Building and Developing a Safe Agro-Forestry-Fisheries Food Supply Chain Model Nationwide" by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development achieved many practical results. Many safe food supply chain models have taken shape, and the value of agricultural product quality has been enhanced. The food production process is controlled in the chain of links, and the openness and transparency in product production are strengthened,  creating trust for consumers.
Story and photo: The Quang
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