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Deputy Director of Department of Planning and Investment Mr. Phan Quoc Son:

“We will always accompany and support investors”

TTH.VN - “Investing and developing a project is like taking care of children; you have to put all your heart and enthusiasm into it. In order to implement a project, it requires not only money and effort but also a great deal of companionship from authorities, departments and branches,” shared Ms. Nguyen Thi Dong Phuong, Director of Khang Han Company, during her research into the implementation of projects in Thua Thien Hue.

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Businesses are in dire need of support from the government and departments in implementing their projects 

Many barriers still exist

With a total area of ​​50,000m2, YesHue Eco, an eco-tourism - entertainment resort was built basing on Mo waterfall in Nam Dong district. It is now becoming an attractive destination for many people.

Although it only took 6 months to complete investment-related procedures and another 6 months to carry out the investment and construction, there were many paperwork-related difficulties in the process of implementing the project, according to the investor.

Clearance was the most difficult thing since people in the project area did not accept the compensation agreement. During this time, businesses had to work with the government, go straight to people's homes to persuade and commit to accompanying people in solving employment problems as well.

According to Ms. Le Thi Kim Hang - Director of Yes Hue Eco Investment and Service Joint Stock Company, in addition to the dynamism and inquisitiveness in dealing with procedures, businesses are required to be skillful when working with people during the process of implementing their projects. Enterprises must learn about all policies so as to take advantage of the fastest and most effective project implementation policy.

Connecting and listening to the opinions of businesses to remove difficulties in project investment

Taking an actual project as an example, Ms. Kim Hang shared that initially when adopting the investment procedures, the power system of the project had not yet been invested. Only after learning about investment policies did the business contact the electricity sector for support, from which the power system was installed in the project area. Without careful understanding of the policy, it is difficult for businesses to access and receive such support.

There are also a lot of construction and investment procedures, so businesses must hire a consulting company to support in adopting related procedures have they no expertise. Enterprises also need great support from the Investment Promotion Center because this is a direct supportive unit with the ability to support enterprises in the process of investing and implementing their projects.

Sharing difficulties 

According to Mr. Phan Quoc Son, Deputy Director of the Department of Planning and Investment, in the process of implementing the project, it is necessary to adopt investment procedures under different specialized laws and at State management agencies from province to local. This is a formidable obstacle for the investors in the process of preparing and putting the investment project into operation;so, they are required to be familiar with the implementation process and procedures.

Enterprises investing in industrial zones and clusters will receive many incentives

Under the regulations, the process of implementing an investment project includes researching investment locations, approving the investment policy, selecting investor, adopting land procedures, adopting construction procedures; completing the investment project and put it into operation.

Each step will be associated with related procedural records. Particularly, the investor selection phase will also have 3 basic forms such as auctioning land use rights under the provisions of land law, bidding to select investors in accordance with the law on bidding, and approving investor in conformity with regulations.

Investors will also enjoy preferential policies in compliance with the legal framework of Vietnam. The Provincial People's Committee will base on the specific conditions of each project to apply policies to encourage and support investment as well as some regulations to support small and medium enterprises when investing in Thua Thien Hue.

Particularly, investment projects in construction and infrastructure business of industrial clusters will be supported with 50% of the cost of building technical infrastructure for industrial clusters established under regulations in areas with extremely difficult socio-economic conditions. Regarding industrial clusters established in accordance with regulations in areas with difficult socio-economic conditions, 30% of the cost of building technical infrastructure will be supported.

According to Mr. Son, investment promotion activities are being renewed in the direction of focusing on key and specific objects suitable to the potential, strengths and local development planning.

In order to increase the readiness for investment promotion, the Provincial People's Committee has approved and issued dossiers of approval for investment policies of projects with sufficient relevant information for investors to research, as well as implemented a portfolio of projects to attract investment. These projects are reviewed to survey the current status, determine the area, scale, planning, and related issues to ensure their compliance with the development orientation of the province and provide the basic foundations for selecting qualified investors and eliminating investors with limited prestige or capacity from the outset.

“On the basis of being well-prepared in the promotion practices, the Department of Planning and Investment will always accompany and support investors in project research to realize ideas, contributing to solving difficulties, especially those related to administrative procedures, helping investors to "complete" the project early,” said Mr. Son.

Story & photos: HOANG LOAN

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