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Antiques “gather” in Hue

TTH.VN - On June 22nd, an impressive assembly of over 150 artifacts, curated from the esteemed collections of 29 antique collectors spanning the North, Central, and South regions of Vietnam, will be showcased at the “Antiques Gathering” exhibition held in the historic Kien Trung Palace, Hue Imperial Citadel.

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 Appraising the antiques prior to the exhibition

The exhibition is a “special playground” for researchers, those who love culture and antiques, and collectors alike. Additionally, it stands as a featured event in response to the “Four-Season Festival,” activities of the City of rich heritage - Hue ancient capital. 

Mr. Ngo Van Minh, Deputy Director in charge of Hue Royal Antiquities Museum, shared that this premier antique exhibition marks the first occasion on which antique collectors from the country's three regions have been invited to participate in, a milestone made possible through the collaborative efforts of Hue Monuments Conservation Center and the Museum.

 The artifacts on display are mostly imperial utensils

The organizing committee previously mandated that only artifacts from the Nguyen Dynasty, dating back to the reign of Emperor Gia Long, would be featured in this exhibition. To date, a significant array of artifacts has been amassed from domestic collectors hailing from major cities such as Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi, as well as from the provinces of Vung Tau, Nam Dinh, Hai Duong, Hung Yen, and Thua Thien Hue...

“Collectors have personally delivered more than 150 artifacts for the exhibition. We have documented and photographed their current condition, detailed information for each piece, and created a catalog to enhance the exhibition's visibility. An appraisal council, comprised of researchers and top experts, has evaluated and chosen artifacts that are emblematic of the collection for display,” explained Mr. Minh.

According to the Appraisal Council, the artifacts and collections featured at this exhibition predominantly consist of imperial utensils. This includes an array of tea sets, rare Bleu de Hue porcelain pieces, and a diverse selection of artifacts distinguished by their type, function, material, and design...

Cultural essence preserved in each antique

Notable examples include the “Bleu de Hue” porcelain collection from collector Le Thanh Nghia, the pháp lam (enameled bronze) collection of Nguyen Do Nhu Anh, and the gold plaque collection of Than Viet Hung. There’s also the “Mai Hạc” (apricot flower and crane) porcelain plate from Mai Ba Thien, as well as the inkstone, brush rest, pháp lam box, silver vase, wooden tray, and bronze seal from Nguyen Trung Thanh. Truong Van Chanh contributes a collection of wooden trays and smoking pipes. Particularly from Hue, five collectors are contributing artifacts, predominantly in pháp lam, porcelain, and wood.

Mr. Minh continued to explain that collectors, when contributing their artifacts to the exhibition, carefully choose the most unique and valuable items. This selection is deliberate, as there are few opportunities for antiques to be “showcased” to the public, connoisseurs, researchers, and fellow collectors. Given that some collectors possess hundreds or even thousands of artifacts with historical, cultural, and artistic significance, they seize these rare occasions to present their most distinctive and superior pieces.

The phap lam collection at the exhibition

“To ensure the exhibition showcases a diverse range of artifacts and materials and avoids any ‘imbalance’, such as an overabundance of porcelain or wood items but a shortage of enamel pieces, we will supplement the ‘deficient’ areas with the necessary artifacts. This will create a more harmonious exhibition, better serving tourists and antique lovers,” stated Mr. Minh.

It is hoped that the collectors’ contributions to this exhibition will infuse this “special event” with historical, cultural, and artistic significance, and enrich the heritage picture through the gathering and meeting of the essences preserved in each displayed antique.

The “Antiques Gathering” exhibition will be inaugurated on June 22nd and run until July 21st. It will be held on the first and second floors of Kien Trung Palace, Hue Imperial Citadel.

Story and photos: LIEN MINH
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