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Ao dai Festival

TTH.VN - Organized as a community performance event, from December 18 to December 20, Hue is bustling with many activities in Hue Ao Dai Festival.

Various attractive activities in Ao dai Festival and Hue Gastronomy FestivalKeeping Hue spiritThe young man with a passion for the ancient costume of the Nguyen DynastyHue to order designing the brand logo for Hue Ao DaiThe national costumes will feature Hue

During the Ao Dai Festival, Hue Ao Dai will be on display by the Huong River

Ao dai on display

The Ao Dai promotion event with the Cyclo team is one of the highlights that is highly anticipated in this year's Ao Dai Festival. It aims to create an effect and encourage people to wear ao dai during the festival. With this activity, everyone can show off the beauty of ao dai.

Hundreds of women of all fields such as civil servants, businesswomen, small business owners, children, students, and even gentlemen, and young men will introduce ao dai with all colors, materials and patterns, from traditional to modern styles. Hue will be flooded with ao dai on the streets: Ngo Mon - 23/8 - Dinh Tien Hoang - Thuong Tu gate - Tran Hung Dao - Truong Tien bridge - Le Loi - Nguyen Dinh Chieu walking street.

The program honouring Hue designers and tailors will introduce the collection of five-panel ao dai, Nhat Binh, school ao dai, ao dai for children, and office ao dai... Commemorating the merits of Lord Nguyen Phuc Khoat and Emperor Minh Mang who have the credits for inventing the ao dai Vietnam, designer Quang Hoa designed a collection of men's five-panel ao dai and Nhat Binh dress for women on lavish woven silk.

The Ao Dai collection "Flow" by the designer Ella Phan was inspired by the change of ao dai with the flow of time, under the influence of cultural exchange and the breath of the times. With the collection "Văn Hiến Kinh K", the designers Quang Tan, Xuan Hao are inspired by the art of mosaic brick wall in Hue architecture ...

During the Ao Dai Festival, spectators will see the beauty of Ao Dai displayed through the hands of Hue designers and tailors. The exhibition space of the Hue Fashion and Embroidery Association at Hue City Culture - Information - Sports Center (23-25 Le Loi) will introduce the exhibition of old ao dai by Dr. Thai Kim Lan and the collector Nguyen Huu Hoang. The exhibition will display ao dai simulating royal attire, ao dai designed with digital printing technology, as well as ao dai products and accessories, accessories manufacturing techniques, sewing and embroidery demonstrations, lotus leaf conical hat making, lepironia leaf conical hat making, drawing and decorating on ao dai, and etc.

Opportunity to showcase talent

In the past days, tailors and designers in Hue have been rushing to perfect their designs in time to perform in the festival. The working atmosphere is urgent, but everyone is excited to contribute to honouring and spreading the beauty of Hue Ao Dai.

The designer Viet Bao shared: “The Ao Dai Festival was held in many Hue Festivals but this is the first time, the role of Hue people has been confirmed. The Ao Dai Festival is an opportunity for Hue designers and tailors to showcase their strength, talent, passion and experience in displaying the beauty of the ao dai. It is even more meaningful when the festival is a community event in which everyone can join”.

Participating in the display of ao dai from past to present, ao dai from the 60s to 70s and showcasing the collection "Recalling the old dreams" inspired by royal motifs and patterns, the designer Doan Trang, Vice President of Hue Fashion and Embroidery Association, eagerly awaits the festival.

She said: “A festival for ao dai with the participation of the local community to honour ao dai has been our dream for a long time. All members of the association are enthusiastic and excited to participate. Each person has a task to urgently complete the designs to showcase in the festival. Although the preparation time is quite urgent, everyone tries their best to contribute to the success of the festival”.

For women who love ao dai from Hue, the Ao Dai Festival is also a desirable activity. They also get new ao dai tailored to wear during the festival.

 Dang Thi Viet, a teacher, confided: “Ao Dai is a familiar costume of our generation since I was a schoolgirl at Dong Khanh School. At that time, whenever we went out, no matter which occasion, we all wore ao dai. It has been a long time since Hue has returned to the scene of ao dai flooding the streets, so we are very excited.

Taking place in the main space at Nguyen Dinh Chieu pedestrian street, this year's Ao Dai festival includes a series of activities to promote the image of the ao dai. This includes encouraging the participation of the people in the community.

Dr. Phan Thanh Hai, Director of the Department of Culture and Sports, said that the good news is that the first Ao Dai Festival was held with the participation of Hue’s famous designers, artisans, and tailors. Communication and promotion campaigns have been implemented well, creating a strong attraction and interaction with the community.

Story and photo: Minh Hien

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