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Ao dai in every street

TTH.VN - The Ao dai Day, organized in the form of public performance, is one of the highlights of Hue Festival 2020. This activity aims to promote the position of Ao dai of Hue and establish the brand, making the Ao dai of Hue a specific product of culture and tourism.

Turning Hue into the Capital of Ao daiThe impression of Hue through the image of ao dai on Truong Tien Bridge

Hue charm

From the stage to ordinary life

According to the plan of the Hue Ao dai Day proposed by the Provincial Department of Culture and Sports, the main activities include the ceremony of thanksgiving to predecessors, the artistic Ao dai program and the public Ao dai program.

To express the gratitude to the predecessors who created and developed Vietnamese Ao dai, there is a pilgrimage to the tomb of Lord Nguyen Phuc Khoat in La Khe village, Huong Tho commune, Huong Tra district, and a sacrifice rite offered at Trieu To temple on July 9 (or May 19 of lunar year, which is the death anniversary of Lord Nguyen Phuc Khoat). Participants are to wear traditional Ao dai.

At the threshold of Hue Festival, a conference of “Lord Nguyen Phuc Khoat – the founder of Vietnamese Ao dai” has taken place. Also, a gallery of traditional Ao dai, an exhibition of art and photography on the theme of Ao dai have been organized to present the value and beauty of Ao dai to tourists.

The artistic Ao dai program is expected to take place at the Noon Gate Square on September 2. The Ao dai collections inspired from the royal costumes, from the nature and scenery of Hue and from the Ao dai model of Hue school girls will be presented at the performance. These collections are classic and elegant on the one hand, and young-looking and modern on the other. They harmonize the preservation of traditional features and the contemporary taste of art perception. 

For the community Ao dai program, a movement is launched to encourage female employees of the organizations and agencies and the local women to take part in the Ao dai Day by wearing Ao dai during Hue Festival 2020.

There are also community-based programs during the Ao dai Day. The program “Hue Women’s Ao dai” is participated by female employees of the organizations, agencies and tourist businesses in Hue. The program “High School Ao dai” includes the beauty contests at universities, colleges and high schools, during which their traditions will be introduced to the public.

The program “Ao dai in ordinary life” re-enacts the different types of Ao dai worn in everyday life, including Ao dai for teachers, Ao dai for doctors, Ao dai for business people, and Ao dai for street vendors. In this program, Hue cuisine and life will also be introduced through the activities of the street vendors in the ancient town.

The program “Ao dai in Traditional Festivals” re-enacts the images of Ao dai in folk festivities, through which the culture, traditional craft and cuisine will be promoted. The “Ao dai in Family Rituals” re-enacts the ceremonies of wedding, engagement, ancestral remembrance, and achievement honoring, where Ao dai is formally worn.

The impression

According to Dr. Phan Thanh Hai, Director of the Provincial Department of Culture and Sports, The Ao dai Day is to honor Lord Nguyen Phuc Khoat, Emperor Ming Mang and the Seniors who contributed to innovating the royal attire and folk costumes of Dang Trong (Inner Realm) as well as establishing and promoting the values of Vietnamese Ao dai. The program also lays the ground to elevate the position of “Ao dai Hue” and organize professional performances of artistic Ao dai, and establish the brand for “Ao dai Hue” as a tourist product.

The Ao dai Day is an event of various activities that share the same target of making Hue a capital of Ao dai. These activities will create the distinction for Hue.

Hue these days have been overwhelmed by the colors of Ao dai from agencies, factories and schools, and from the performances of noble Ao dai of the ancient royalty and the Ao dai of school girls of ancient Dong Khanh.

Dr. Phan Thanh Hai emphasized that the highlight of the Ao dai festival was the program of Ao dai in community, which promotes and empowers the role of the locals in the preservation of the value of Hue Ao dai. Through the program, the habit of wearing Ao dai will be established for the pride of the local people.

Designers and tailors are looking forward to the Ao dai Day. Designer Doan Trang, the Director of Doan Trang Embroidery and Tailoring Company, is prepared to launch a showroom in Bach Dang to present new models of Ao dai containing the symbols of Four Holy Beasts. She also designed a collection of 12 models with royal patterns.

Doan Trang said “Our wish has been to make Hue more beautiful with Ao dai. I hope that everyone is in Ao dai during the festival. In this way, each person contributes to making Hue more beautiful. Tourists like Vietnamese Ao dai, and when Ao dai is seen in every corner of the city, they are sure to have a special impression.”


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