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Artifacts donated to Hue Royal Antiquities Museum

TTH.VN - On June 8th, Hue Royal Antiquities Museum held a ceremony to present archival materials to the museum. This activity is part of the 100th anniversary celebration of the establishment of Musée Khai Dinh, currently known as the Hue Royal Antiquities Museum (1923-2023).

"Monuments of Hue Citadel through Hue research journals"39 documents and artifacts donated to Ho Chi Minh MuseumHue needs a worthy museumReceiving and displaying two antiques, a mandarin's hat and a Nhat Binh ao-dai (gown) of the Nguyen Dynasty

 Hue Monuments Conservation Centre acknowledges the contribution of the researcher Ho Vinh.

Mr. Ho Vinh, a researcher in Hue City, donated to the Hue Royal Antiquities Museum a copy of the weekly magazine “Indochine (Dong Duong) Photo Journal” published in 1943, which includes an article about Musée Khai Dinh by L. Sogni. This is a valuable document in the study of the museum’s history.

So far in 2023, the Royal Antiquities Museum has received nearly 100 documents and artifacts from organizations and individuals who have a deep love for cultural heritage. These artifacts will be studied and displayed by the museum to serve the public.

Through the turmoil of the war, many objects from Hue Royal Antiquities Museum were lost, damaged, or had missing information. The museum needs the community's collaboration in supplementing and enriching the collection of artifacts, so it can fully reflect the valuable and rich history of this region, especially the importance of the last monarchy in Vietnam.

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Museums captivate the youth

On social media platforms, keywords related to historical museums and fine arts museums are capturing the interest of numerous young people. These places not only are venues for taking beautiful photos but also attract the youth who want to delve into the understanding of history and culture when visiting museums.

Museums captivate the youth
Artifacts and concerns about preservation

That the preservation warehouse and the display system are all reused from the renovated old building, so it is not suitable for the museum's function, and although the equipment has been invested, it still does not meet the requirements of preserving artifacts. Those are the situation that Hue Fine Arts Museum - a public museum established nearly 5 years ago, is facing. The concern for the safety of the artifacts and the desire to have a well-preserved warehouse are always the concerns of the unit's leaders.

Artifacts and concerns about preservation
A museum inside the University

With numerous precious artifacts, the Museum space of Ethnology - Archeology (belonging to the Faculty of History, University of Sciences, Hue University) is not only a place for students to carry out research and study but also an ideal destination attracting interests of cultural and research circles in Hue.

A museum inside the University
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