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Artist Dang Mau Tuu and “Specks of dust in life”

TTH.VN - One rainy day in Hue, I received an elaborate and impressive design for artist Dang Mau Tuu’s upcoming painting exhibition in Hanoi. It is surprising because he recently had an exhibition “Aotearoa - a region of white clouds” at Hue Museum of Fine Arts in June 2023, after he had just returned from New Zealand. Four months later, he continued with his own exhibition titled “Specks of dust in life” in Hanoi with 20 works painted on acrylic. This is Dang Mau Tuu’s first solo exhibition in Hanoi.

Artist Dang Mau Tuu presents nearly 40 paintings about New ZealandThe art exhibition themed "To the heritage land"

 The work “A tilted shadow in the afternoon”

Dang Mau Tuu has a creative power. I always see the energy shining on his face, through his smile and in his eyes. Fine Art is a game of passion. And for Dang Mau Tuu, it is also hard work and dedication to bringing beauty and his own feelings about human life to the public through his paintings. This is most evident in his quality exhibitions to date.

In “Specks of dust in life” exhibition, he considered himself a speck of dust having dreams, suffering, and happiness. It’s a speck of dust full of color and rhythm, and love for generosity and freedom. It is also what encourages artistic creators like Dang Mau Tuu to make a special world with their own identity in the work that is hardly confused with anyone else.

“Specks of dust in life” is a game of philosophy, but the artist had a light, fresh demeanor, and eyes full of love when I met him. With brilliant streaks of color like the enthusiastic and energetic person in his life and art, he painted the first “Seed” of life, which is also the beginning of human existence.

When one considers oneself as a speck of dust, they prove to have enough contemplation and awakening in this immeasurable human world. Through the experiences, ups and downs of life, and concerns about the rotation of human life in the universe, artist Dang Mau Tuu has painted abstract works with various hues representing familiar simple images full of nostalgia.

Through the 20 works on exhibition, the artist brings to viewers the journey of a life, the mixed sadness and joy, the desires and hopes like an evergreen sprout in blue and bright colors.

He recalled the memories on the old wall, or the sad sound of the train whistling at night, the small streets with lonely but real songs. The artist’s portrait can be seen mixed with those works of art. Days of adventure and passion, and sparkling love are indispensable in the works at the exhibition “Specks of dust in life” by Dang Mau Tuu.

The artist chose fresh colors, including the brown of the soil, the green of plant and hope, and the red of bright sunlight. However, in those colors there seems to be also the presence of the familiar loneliness of creative workers like him, through the work “Alone”. Dang Mau Tuu titled it “Alone” which makes me feel that the bright streaks of color inserted into the deep recesses of the painting have created a condense of thoughts, and desire to explore the creative horizon.

Artist Dang Mau Tuu does not restrict himself to any framework, nor is he skeptical or worried about preparing anything for the future. The work “Simply Future” accurately reflects his personality and identity, as depicted in the familiar life philosophy “everything happens for a reason” that I recognize in him. Starting or stopping a human life is from nothing but a speck of dust in the human universe. He brought optimism, bright colors, and hope into his work, conveying a message of love and passion with vitality.

“Specks of dust in life” is like a story, with a beginning and an end. This exhibition is a way for him to look back at his life. All the ups and downs, happiness and sadness, anger and resentment will eventually turn to dust. The work “A tilted shadow in the afternoon” converges the afternoon brilliant sunlight. The shadow is not lonely at all, but like a wanderer dancing a wild and joyful dance in warm hues.

He once said: “In the end, I am just a small speck of dust. From the dust, a body is shaped, and the specks of dust quietly merge into the world to live and dream.”

Story and photo: Phuong Anh
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