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Book Launch: “Tran Hoan - A talented cultural figure, artist, and distinguished soldier"

TTH.VN - On the morning of December 20th, the book launch event of “Tran Hoan - A talented cultural figure, artist, and distinguished soldier” was organized by Thuan Hoa Publishing House. The book, co-produced by Thuan Hoa Publishing House and the musician’s family, is published to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Tran Hoan's passing over and to commemorate the 95th anniversary of his birth.

Launch of the book series "Dai Nam thuc luc" and the exhibition on the National Institute of History of the Nguyen DynastyPublication of the book “Coi di ve” by Prof. Dr. Thai Kim LanMusician Hoang Song Huong and his songs about Hue

 The book was launched on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of musician Tran Hoan's passing over and in commemoration of his 95th birthday.

The late musician Tran Hoan has had significant contributions to the country's culture and arts. He seamlessly blended together the revolutionary fervor of a soldier and the qualities and talents of an artist.

Remembering Tran Hoan is to recall the precious spiritual legacy he left behind, manifested in the hundreds of songs he wrote . Among these, some excellent, loving, and earnest works that live on through time include: Một mùa xuân nho nhỏ (A Small Spring), Sơn nữ ca (Mountain Girl's Song), Lời người ra đi (Farewell Words), Đợi anh về (Waiting for Your Return), Lời ru trên nương (Lullaby on the Hill), Giữa Mạc Tư Khoa nghe câu hò ví dặm (Echoes of Folk Songs in Moscow), Lời Bác dặn trước lúc đi xa (Words of Uncle Ho before going away), Thăm bến nhà Rồng (Visiting Dragon's Wharf)

Remembering Tran Hoan also bring to ones’ mind his passionate poems, rich with love and affection for the homeland, family, comrades, and friends. There were letters crossing lines that he wrote from the battlefield, in the deep forest, under the rain of enemy’s bombs and bullets.

 The daughter of the late musician sharing her thoughts at the ceremony.

Remembering Tran Hoan is also to remember a versatile cultural official, a talented and charismatic artist who was deeply committed, humane, and responsible through his thoughts on culture and arts, on the 1943 Vietnamese Culture Outline of the Party, the portrayal of Uncle Ho on stage, and on preserving the national identity in culture, music, stage performances, folklore, folk music, and folk dance, on cultural exchanges with foreign countries, and about Vietnam's culture in the time of facing the challenges of the market economy and globalization, as well as the life and folk music of Binh Tri Thien, his hometown.

Sharing at the launch event, Nguyen Duy To, Director of Thuan Hoa Publishing House, expressed that in any role, Tran Hoan remained humble, persistently nurturing the warmth of revolutionary creativity, which is part of the content captured in the book “Tran Hoan - A talented cultural figure, artist, and distinguished soldier.”

At the ceremony, his relatives, friends, and colleagues, including leaders, writers, and the next generation, shared touching reflections and reminisced about the life and creative career of the late musician.

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