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Bustling traditional boat racing on Vuc river after 3-year hiatus

TTH.VN - After 3-year COVID-19 hiatus, the traditional spring boat race on Vuc River at Huong Thuy town started again on the morning of January 30 (9th day of the lunar month), attracting thousands of viewers to participate and cheer.

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Gathering more than 300 athletes from 8 racing teams of communes and wards in the area, the teams competed in 9 routes in the tournament, including: 1 Cung route, 1 Pha route, and 7 Tien routes.

“In addition to the meaning of praying for favorable weather, bountiful crops, and peaceful homeland, the return of the spring boat race on Vuc River has an important meaning in restoring, preserving and promoting local traditional sports and cultural festivals; thereby, tightening the spirit of solidarity and emulation in the movement of physical training and productive labouring, contributing to building Huong Thuy increasingly rich and beautiful,”, said Ms. Ngo Thi Ai Huong - Vice Chairman of the People's Committee of Huong Thuy town.

Through a lively and thrilling competition, as a result, Thuy Luong Ward excellently won the Triple Win with the reward of a pig.

Followings are some photos at the boat race on the morning of January 30:

Elderly people held worshiping ceremony by dawn

Momentum of the opening ceremony


Drastic competition right at the Cung route 

Secretary of Huong Thuy ward Party Committee Le Ngoc Son presenting award to the winning team at the Cung route

Charming landscape of boat race location

Competition on the Tien routes


Thrilling competition

Smiling though the boat sinks

Continuing the race in the enthusiastic cheers of the audiences

Vuc River is bustling with the boat racing

Thuy Luong ward with the joy of Triple Win with the big pig

Mr. Nguyen Nam Tien - Chairman of the Provincial Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee and Mr. Luu Duc Hoan - Chief of the Office of the Provincial Party Committee presenting prizes to the winning teams

By Han Dang

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