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Ca Hue (Hue Tranditional Singing) performance welcomes spring

TTH.VN - In the evening of the first day of the Lunar New Year (February 5), Ca Hue (Hue Tranditional Singing) performance to welcome 2019 Ky Hoi Spring took place on the stage at Quoc Hoc monument, Ly Tu Trong park.

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A chầu văn performance names "Beautiful scenery of Hue city" (*)

(*): ‘Chầu văn’ is a Vietnamese traditional folk art which combines trance singing and dancing

In the program, the friendly songs were sent to the listeners by artists of Ca Hue Club with the melodious scales of đàn tranh (16-chord zither), đàn tỳ bà (a Vietnamese traditional plucked string instrument), đàn nhị (erhu - a Vietnamese bowed string instrument with two strings), đàn nguyệt (moon-shaped two-string lute), sáo trúc (bamboo flute) and đàn bầu (a Vietnam’s indigenous monochord zither), etc. Ca Hue songs to welcome new spring, though familiar, are still sweet and bustling, giving people a happy atmosphere of the new spring.

Besides the voices of veteran artistes and artists, such as Ms. Thanh Tam and Ms. Kim Vang – the artistes, Meritorious Artist Thu Hang, Meritorious Artist Mai Le and Quynh Hoa ... there were also young artists bringing to the audience a colorful Ca Hue program.

A lot of spectators standing to watch Ca Hue till the end of the program

Ms. Kim Vang shared: "Although Tet holidays are very busy ones, we still come here to perform Ca Hue to the public, contributing to the bustling atmosphere for the traditional New Year. A lot of spectators stayed to watch until the end of the program. It is a meaningful gift to the artistes and artists on the first day of the new year ".

With the desire to bring the official Ca Hue closer to the audience, adding more ‘spring colour’ in the traditional Tet holidays, this is the second year Ca Hue Club performed at Ly Tu Trong Park. In the bustling spring asmosphere in the park, the Ca Hue show attracted a lot of people and visitors.

By Trang Hien

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The young man devoted to Hue Singing

Born and raised in a poor working family, Le Minh Vu, a young man born in 2000, fell in love with Hue Singing (Ca Hue) from a very early age. That love was ingrained in his subconscious from his childhood days, when he heard the songs and lullabies of the grandmothers and mothers in the neighborhood.

The young man devoted to Hue Singing
Preservation of Hue Singing in the face of challenges

The preservation and promotion of the values of the artistic heritage of Hue Singing (Ca Hue) have captured much attention recently. A dossier “The Art of Hue Singing” has been assembled to submit to the UNESCO to be considered for inclusion in the list of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Preservation of Hue Singing in the face of challenges
So profound women’s voice from inside

“When each face is a rose…” I do not know why I suddenly recalled that sentence from a song when I watched the performance of Ca Hue (Hue Singing) named “Women’s Voice from Inside” at the auditorium for Ca Hue at 25 Le Loi St.

So profound women’s voice from inside
Ao dai performance on the Huong River

The community ao dai festival taking place in Hue has attracted a large number of people and tourists to participate. The activity is part of a series of events in response to Hue Festival Week 2022 aiming at promoting the brand and unique value of ao dai Hue.

Ao dai performance on the Huong River
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