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Continue to receive sketch samples of Trinh Cong Son statue

TTH.VN - Dang Mau Tuu, the painter, Vice Chairman of Hue Cultural Heritage Research and Development Association, Standing Committee member of the Campaign Board of the construction of musician Trinh Cong Son statue at Hue City, shared that, in less than a year, from the date of announcement through many communication channels, and directly sending invitations to nearly 100 domestic and foreign authors, the Organizing Committee has received 9 sketches of Musician Trinh Cong Son's statue.

“Trinh and I” first MV released on the birthday of Trinh Cong SonThe person who painted the late musician Trinh Cong Son with light

One of the 9 sketches of Trinh Cong Son statue that the Campaign Board has received so far

Some authors have agreed to participate, but due to the prolonged COVID-19 pandemic, many people, including both artists and workers, could not come to the workshop, so they could not hand in the sketches. From the 9 sketches received by the Campaign Board, it can be seen that the movement to create the statue of Trinh Cong Son has spread throughout the country. Some of the authors participating in this project have been well-known in the field of painting and sculpture, and have had their works of monuments erected at various places across the country.

For example, the sculptor Lam Quang Noi, born in Nam Dinh, was a former artillery soldier; after discharging from the army in 1975, Mr. Noi started to study fine arts, Faculty of Silk Painting, Ho Chi Minh City University of Fine Arts.

In addition to the monuments of President Ho Chi Minh, many monuments sculpted by Lam Quang Noi left a special mark such as: Monument of late Prime Minister Vo Van Kiet donated to Vo Van Kiet High School (Vinh Long), bronze statue of Professor Tran Van Giau donated to Tran Van Giau High School (Ho Chi Minh City), the memorial monument of Mau Than soldiers and the Monument of Solidarity of the People in Bac Lieu city, the monument to the An Lao victory in Binh Dinh, the monument commemorating the Nam Ky uprising soldiers in Hoc Mon...

In addition, there are also other famous authors such as Le Quang Dung, born in Quang Nam, who is working at the Danang Sculpture Center of Vietnam and Norway; Luu Thi Thanh Lan, who won National Fine Arts Award 1995, 2005, and many regional Fine Arts awards, Capital Fine Arts awards; whose works are kept in the creative camps at: Nha Trang, Hue, Ha Long, Phu Tho, Vietnam Military History Museum.

Or, Ha Minh Tuan – from Hanoi, a freelance artist, studied at the Theravada Buddhist Academy, designed the interior and installed items at the Women's Museum, Vietnam Air Defense - Air Force Museum, with works "Tinh Co Do" displayed at the 2000 National Fine Arts Exhibition, "Bien Tau Sen" selected to put on show at the 2005 South Central - Central Highlands Fine Arts Exhibition; "Hat Doi Quan Ho", at the Hanoi Fine Arts Exhibition; and, Le Sy Soai, born in Quang Binh, resides in Gia Lai...

Hue also has Le Ngoc Thai, who received consolation prize at National Fine Arts Exhibition 2010 with the work ‘Hieu ung kinh’, winning an A-prize at Regional Fine Arts Exhibition 4 in 2009 with the work ‘Hoi sinh’; B-prize at Fine Arts Exhibition Region 4 in 2014 with ‘Suc song’; Consolation Prize at Fine Arts Exhibition Region 4 in 2017 - 2019 with the works Ngot – Hat chuyen dong, etc.…

In general, the sketches have shown the artistic spirit of Trinh Cong Son's theme - "The Great Circle of Vietnam" with a modern style. There are sketches that, if invested in depth and follow the right subject according to the "topic" of the Campaign Board, would become great works.

However, the "topic" is just a suggestion and orientation of the Campaign Board, the final product should still be the ideas, thoughts and favorites of the authors in the process of composing - manifesting. According to the first notice, the deadline for submitting works has expired, nevertheless, the Campaign Board continues to wait and encourage authors to continue submitting sketches.

At the recent meeting to review the progress of the Trinh Cong Son statue construction project, the Campaign Board decided to issue a notice to the authors, including 3 contents: to evaluate the initial results; to extend the time to receive sketches until the end of July 2022 for more options; to coordinate with the Department of Culture and Sports to establish a Council for Arts to appraise and select sketch samples.

The sketches having been received will all be exhibited at the Trinh Cong Son museum in the future. They will organize the exhibition of the statue sketch samples to gain opinions from the audience.

The next step is to choose 3 sketches of the statue that properly represent the theme of Musician Trinh Cong Son with the spirit of ‘the great circle of Vietnam’, asking the authors to complete it with a larger size, with a height of 1 meter, from which the final work will be selected and then submitted to the authorities for decision on erecting the statue.

In order to ensure objectivity in the process of selecting samples, the works will be numbered, without the author's name.

By Thanh Tung

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