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Displaying nearly 100 paintings and photographic works about Lang Co

TTH.VN - The art works are painted and captured by painters and photographers about the charming nature, and the breath of life in Lang Co (Phu Loc Town, Phu Loc District, Thua Thien Hue Province), on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of Lang Co being recognized as a beautiful bay of the world.

Many exciting activities to be held in "Lang Co – the Beautiful World Bay" festival 2019Canh Duong - Lang Co will be the national tourism site"Lang Co – the World Beautiful Bay" festival held on May 16 -17

A corner of the exhibition displaying paintings attracts the audience

The exhibition was opened on the morning of May 16, starting the series of events within the anniversary of Lang Co being recognized as a beautiful bay of the world. The exhibition was held at the space by the romantic Lang Co beach. In this space, the public had the opportunity to enjoy 52 photographic works by 24 authors, and 40 paintings by six painters.

Though each work has its own different views, dimensions, and colors; it holds one common feature of describing the landscape, life, activities, people, and the nature, etc., especially the development and changes of Lang Co over 10 years of being recognized as a beautiful bay of the world.

The photographic works displayed at the exhibition describe the life and people of Lang Co

At the exhibition, the audience can take a look at the convoy of boats going to the sea, and returning with full of fish, the magical dawn of Lang Co infatuating people, the modern buildings growing up in the middle of the potential Lang Co sea, or the scene of peaceful fishing village lying quietly beside the water, connecting the lagoon and the sea that is bestowed by the nature, etc.

The art works displayed at the exhibition were mainly created at the art creation camp about Lang Co, which had been held in April 2019.

The exhibition is opened to the public until May 17.

Story and photos: Quang Thanh

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