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Exhibition of Traditional Ao Dai Space at An Dinh Palace

TTH.VN - Dozens of traditional Ao Dai display booths, along with accompanying accessories and famous art products from Hue, were recently exhibited at An Dinh Palace (Phan Dinh Phung Street, Hue City) on the afternoon of August 1st.

Decoding the sixth mural at An Dinh PalaceExhibition space “Some documents about Ao Dai Hue - past and present” openedOnline exhibition “Hue - the Capital of Ao dai Vietnam”

 Ao Dai exhibition space inside An Dinh Palace

This event is part of the 14th International Conference “Connecting Vietnam," organized by Engaging With Vietnam in collaboration with the Department of Culture and Sports, Hue University of Fine Arts (Hue University), and several domestic and international units.

There were nearly 20 booths showcasing various traditional Ao Dai designs by designers, accessories accompanying Ao Dai, as well as art booths such as Vietnam Trucchigraphy, Hue Phap Lam, Zeng fabric, and traditional conical hats. A wide variety of beautiful and eye-catching designs were introduced to the public, well-received and admired by researchers and experts from both within and outside the country who attended the conference.

According to the organizing committee, through this space, not only the beauty and cultural value of An Dinh Palace are promoted, but it also provides tourists and delegates with the opportunity to explore and experience Ao Dai and the famous handicrafts and art products of Hue.

The exhibition space will remain open throughout the duration of the conference, until August 6th.

* On the same afternoon, the opening of the exhibition "Than Kinh Nhi Thap Canh" through Taiwanese Inherited Calligraphy (China) took place at the Lieu Quan Buddhist Cultural Center (15A Le Loi, Hue City).

The exhibition is organized by the Department of Culture and Sports in collaboration with the Lieu Quan Buddhist Cultural Center. Here, there are 53 pieces of calligraphy with various calligraphic styles such as Trien thu, Le thu, Chan thu, Hanh thu, and Thao thu, recreated by calligraphers and researchers from the Inherited Calligraphy Association of Taiwan (China) from 20 poems by Emperor Thieu Tri in the collection "Than Kinh Nhi Thap Canh." These poems depict 20 famous scenes of Hue Ancient Capital, including 7 natural beauties and 13 scenic spots created by humans.

 The exhibition "Than Kinh Nhi Thap Canh" through the Taiwanese Inherited Calligraphy (China) opened its doors to visitors on the afternoon of August 1st.

According to the organizers, the exhibition aims to spread the cultural values of Vietnam on the path of international cultural integration and also affirm the significance of the global heritage values hidden within the cultural heritage of Hue Ancient Capital.

The exhibition will run until August 10th.

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Remedies for fine art exhibition in Hue

In addition to the ordinary exhibitions, Hue Museum of Fine Art needs to aim to the assistance of digital technology to attract more viewers and provide them with more hands-on experience. What is meant by digital technology is the its focus on digitizing data and exploiting smart remedies for the exhibits.

Remedies for fine art exhibition in Hue
A photo exhibition themed "Spring Paths" opens

The Center for Culture, Information and Sports of Hue City has just coordinated with Dang Huy Tru Photography Club and friends to organize an opening ceremony of a photo exhibition themed "Spring Paths".

A photo exhibition themed Spring Paths opens
“Hue Imperial City - Remaining traces of the past”

This is the theme of the exhibition organized by Hue Monuments Conservation Centre (HMCC) in coordination with National Archives Center 1, held on the afternoon of January 17th at Ngo Mon Square, Imperial City.

“Hue Imperial City - Remaining traces of the past”
Admiring heritage through “Vong Hue”

Over 20 paintings depicting Hue heritages by Le Huu Long - an artist, have just been introduced to the public in an exhibition titled “Vong Hue,” opened on the afternoon of January 10th at Song Huong Magazine (9 Pham Hong Thai Street, Hue City).

Admiring heritage through “Vong Hue”
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