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Exhibition “Vietnam land on Nine Dynasty Urns” is held

TTH.VN - In the framework of the activities celebrating 30th anniversary (1993 - 2023) of the Complex of Hue Monuments and 20th anniversary (2003 - 2023) of the Royal Music - Vietnam Royal Court Music being recognized as a world heritage by UNESCO, on the morning of June 16, at Hien Lam Cac (Hien Lam Palace) - Hue Imperial Citadel, Hue Monuments Conservation Center held an exhibition named “Vietnam land on Nine Dynasty Urns”.

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 Cutting the ribbon to open the exhibition “Vietnam land on Nine Dynasty Urns” at Hien Lam Cac

The exhibition introduces 32 typical photos taken about the sea, rivers, and mountains all over the country that are carved on Nine Dynasty Urns, arranged into 9 clusters of themed panels for visitors to have an overview of landmarks, rivers, mountains, and sea when visiting the Nine Urns.

The Nine Urns were started casting from December, 1835 to March, 1937 (January of the 18th year of Minh Mang reign), the court held a thanksgiving ceremony and placed these Nine Urns in front of The To Mieu to this day.

Introducing the meanings of decorative patterns carved on the urns 

Each urn is embossed with 17 decorative images with the themes of plants, animals, landscapes, places, and two Chinese characters identifying the name of the urn. The embossed patterns on each urn are arranged in turn in 3 rows around the urn body, and all have Chinese names attached. These decorative patterns express the diversity and richness of decorative styles and themes, generally expressing the images of the universe, creatures, plants, landmarks, river and mountains, as well as artefacts, etc.

The images selected to be embossed on the Nine Urns can also be considered as a living encyclopedia about Vietnam at that time, in which, 34 images of famous places spreading out across the country’s territory are delicately carved to express an overview, a panorama view of the unified Vietnam land, etc.

With great cultural and historical values and the pinnacle of manufacturing techniques, in 2012, the Nine Urns were recognized as National Treasures by the Prime Minister.

At present, the Hue Monuments Conservation Center has completed the construction of the documentary heritage profile for the Nine Urns and has submitted to UNESCO to recognize the Nine Urns as the World Documentary Heritages.

By Lien Minh
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Remedies for fine art exhibition in Hue

In addition to the ordinary exhibitions, Hue Museum of Fine Art needs to aim to the assistance of digital technology to attract more viewers and provide them with more hands-on experience. What is meant by digital technology is the its focus on digitizing data and exploiting smart remedies for the exhibits.

Remedies for fine art exhibition in Hue
A photo exhibition themed "Spring Paths" opens

The Center for Culture, Information and Sports of Hue City has just coordinated with Dang Huy Tru Photography Club and friends to organize an opening ceremony of a photo exhibition themed "Spring Paths".

A photo exhibition themed Spring Paths opens
“Hue Imperial City - Remaining traces of the past”

This is the theme of the exhibition organized by Hue Monuments Conservation Centre (HMCC) in coordination with National Archives Center 1, held on the afternoon of January 17th at Ngo Mon Square, Imperial City.

“Hue Imperial City - Remaining traces of the past”
Admiring heritage through “Vong Hue”

Over 20 paintings depicting Hue heritages by Le Huu Long - an artist, have just been introduced to the public in an exhibition titled “Vong Hue,” opened on the afternoon of January 10th at Song Huong Magazine (9 Pham Hong Thai Street, Hue City).

Admiring heritage through “Vong Hue”
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