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Ao Dai show "Huế Vàng Son" brings wonderful feelings

TTH.VN - The Hue Ao Dai show at Hue Festival 2018 with the theme "Huế Vàng Son" (Golden Hue) took place on the evening of May 1, at Quoc Hoc Square.

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Charming in ao dai by designer Thieu Vy

The show made a good impression on locals and tourists with a harmonious combination between the ao dai, dances and effects of sound, light and music.

This year's program brought together famous ao dai designers such as Viet Hung, Thieu Vy, Ngo Nhat Huy, Minh Hung, Nguyen Tuan, Minh Trieu - Uyen Thy and BellaModa with over 400 delicate designs along with the catwalk performances of Misses and models from the three regions of the country.

Throughout the program, "Golden Hue" brought the audience back in time and introduced the history of the formation and development of the Vietnamese ao dai in general and the traditional Hue ao dai in particular. Each collection showed the unique style and design ideas of each designer, but all embraced the harmony and the link between fashion and culture. Many collections showed the main highlight of Hue Festival 2018, focusing on the designs and patterns of Hue royal life.

Along with the show, this year's program also featured outstanding performances of singers Ho Quynh Huong, Long Nhat, elite artist Hoang Hang, and many other singers, actors, VKSTAR dancers and the Vietnamese Wind Dance Group.

Ms. Nguyen Lan Vy, director of the program said: "I am lucky that I am from Hue so I understand Hue people and culture. We choose the theme "Golden Hue" with a desire to showcase Hue's rich and deep culture to viewers, especially visitors.

According to Ms. Vy, compared with the previous shows, the program of this year's ao dai show had some differences. It created new colors for the program from the new designs and patterns. Though related to royal styles, the collections were completely different from each other. In addition, there were also ao dai made from fresh flowers that brought a new color to the show.

At the show, many people and tourists were excited. Ms. Nguyen Viet Nga, a tourist from Ho Chi Minh city shared: "This is the second time I have seen the ao dai program at Hue Festival. This show impresses me with the richness and variety of the ao dai. The collections are beautifully designed. The art performances are also very good."

Some photographs taken by Thua Thien Hue Online:

An ao dai design in the Nostalgic collection by designer Thieu Vy

A model in ao dai designed by Thieu Vy

An ao dai design in Viet Hung's collection

The Golden Hue collection by designer Viet Hung


Charming in ao dai

Miss Vietnam Do My Linh in a design of Ngo Nhat Huy

And also second runner-up of Miss Vietnam 2016 Nguyen Dinh Khanh Phuong (right)

An ao dai design in The Colorful Memories collection of Chau Minh Trieu

A model in an ao dai design from the collection “A glimpse of the motherland” by designer Minh Hung

By Huu Phuc - Dang Tuyen

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