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Hue identity will blend the quintessence of domestic and international regions

TTH.VN - The opening art program, taking place at 20:00 on June 25 at Ngo Mon Square, is an art performance and ao dai fashion show, opening a series of exciting activities of Hue Festival Week 2022 (June 25 - 30).

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Director Quang Tu

According to Quang Tu, the General Director of the opening program of Hue Festival 2022, the program incorporates traditional values ​​and contemporary art, bringing the breath of Hue life, and many typical cultural regions of Vietnam and the world.

The opening ceremony is always the most important program of each festival, what highlights will the opening night of this year show the stature, brand name and characteristics of Hue Festival, sir?

The opening program of Hue Festival will take place in a few days, at this time all members involved in the organization, production, and implementation of the program are focusing on perfecting the parts they undertake to provide the best image for the audience to watch directly at the stage, and viewers via TV channels… Therefore, in order to "keep secret", I would like to only "disclose" some key information:

The opening night of Hue Festival 2022 will be held at Ngo Mon Gate, the script content is a story about Hue; which prominently shows the theme "Hue cultural heritage with integration and development".

The art program mainly focuses on Hue’s identity and the convergence of the quintessence of regions in the country and those of five continents, shown in the space in front of the standard "golden ratio" architecture of Ngo Mon Gate - ancient, majestic, novel and shimmering with modern 3D Mapping projection technology. The overall stage will be a real scene space combining the experience of visual effects with vivid sound for viewers.

The audience's observation direction changed from the roof of Ngu Phung pavilion to the column frame system, from the wall of the Ngo Mon Gate to the performance stage placed in front; from the scenery near to that of afar; from the vibrant colors of motifs and architectural patterns of the Nguyen Dynasty to the lively performances of artists with the flexible steps of models in traditional and modern Ao Dai Hue, etc. 

The show is elaborately and newly choreographed, combining sound effects, advanced lighting technology with artistic fireworks promising to bring the audience unforgettable emotions.

This year, the Organizing Committee organizes the opening night but not the opening ceremony, so what changes will the program have to show that?

The opening program is a combination of Hue’s culture and that of domestic and international regions

Over the past 2 years, the world and Vietnam have just gone through the most difficult periods due to the pandemic. Things are gradually returning to normal, which means that the current way of implementing tasks needs to adapt to reality. In 2022, Hue Festival will be held again, which is a very good sign for those who love and care about the poetic Hue.

Going back to the reason why we use the word "opening program" but not "opening ceremony". Hue City has been oriented to become a typical "festival city", so the province has organized the "Four Season Festival". Hue Festival Week 2022 is held within the summer festival activities. That's why it's called the opening program for the week of the Hue Festival, not the opening ceremony.

From the above orientation, programs, especially art and entertainment programs held in each festival season will be "transformed" with diverse content, suitable to the political-historical-cultural-touristic events or unique natural sceneries during that time. This is an interesting change, an impressive highlight that attracts people from all over the country as well as international tourists to Hue and Vietnam.

Hue Festival is a festival of national and international scale, where artists and cultures meet and interact, what performances will the opening program have?

Since its first organization (2000), Hue Festival has always been in the "top" of the leading festivals of Vietnam, and each Hue Festival has attracted a large number of international art troupes and artists from 5 continents to attend. In 2022, according to different countries' policies on COVID-19 prevention and control, up to now, Hue Festival Organizing Committee has updated international artist troupes to attend including France, Belgium, Spain, Brazil, Russia, the US, and ASEAN countries. Accordingly, a number of international artists from the US and ASEAN countries will participate in the opening show on June 25. Some other international art troupes will perform in the next programs of Hue Festival 2022 from June 26 to 30.

The performances performed on the stage using unique lighting technology will show that Hue City is as beautiful as an "urban poem" with sustainable development, respecting nature, being friendly and well-being. These performances also not only praise the ancient and heritage land with a long tradition where the "elite converges" but also honor a "green city" with sustainable development; hoping for Hue - the Festival city of Asia, along with Vietnam would shine brightly and welcome a bright future.

It is known that this is the first time being the General Director of Hue Festival, what difficulties and pressures you might face?

I have participated in and held professional positions of choreographer and director in Hue Festivals and Traditional Crafts Festivals since 2008. It must be admitted that each Hue Festival, the Organizing Committee always requests topics, content or standards of organization, production and execution of this year's program must be "higher level - more impressive - more attractive" than the successful programs of the festivals of previous years. 

This is both a "pressure" and a "motivation" for me and the whole team to work hard to have "new creative results". This is also the goal of art professionals in general and directors in particular, including me.

Thank you!

By Duc Quang

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