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Hue Museum of Fine Arts: Collecting 10 more precious paintings about Hue

TTH.VN - These are the works of Hue artists or those living, studying and working in Hue, those who have been contributing to the formation and development of Hue fine arts. The collected pieces have high artistic value and bear the unique styles of the artists.

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The painting "Goi Kiem" by artist Phan Xuan Sanh is added to Hue Museum of Fine Arts’ collection

On January 14, Ms. Dinh Thi Hoai Trai, Director of Hue Fine Arts Museum said that in 2022, the museum's work appraisal council has proposed a list of fine art pieces to be purchased with the state budget for Hue Museum of Fine Arts in 2022, consisting of 12 art pieces by 7 artists.

However, according to Ms. Trai, in order to ensure the progress of the collection, the council proposed to the Provincial People's Committee and relevant departments to allow the procedures to pre-purchase 10 additional works for the museum’s collection in 2022.

This is to meet the urgent needs of exhibiting and promoting the formation of a space to display fine art pieces of Hue Museum of Fine Arts as well as to promptly preserve high-quality art for Hue. Currently, the collection work has been completed according to regulations.

Some of the pieces which have been collected are "Goi kiem" by Phan Xuan Sanh, " Tu Duc Tomb" by Ton That Van, "Liberation of Dong Ha" by Truong Be, "Remembering Hue" , "Sinh Village in Hue" by Tran Nguyen Dan, "Nude" by Pham Dai, "Autumn" by Nguyen Van Tuyen.

Not stopping there, Ms. Trai said that in 2022, the museum had collected many art pieces by means of advocacy, donation as well as through organizing creative activities.

By N. Minh

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