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Keeping each dance of the great jungle

TTH.VN - Struggling to make a living, but members of the Folk Arts Club of Trung Son commune (A Luoi) still strive to practice and refine each performance before each show, with enthusiasm to contribute to preserving the soul of culture of the great jungle.

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 A dance that serves the community

It was late at noon. The weather was getting hotter and hotter. The street was deserted. Behind the gentle fences, the houses in Trung Son border commune were becoming bustling with the chatter of family members, gathering around meals. Meanwhile, in the hall of an old school facility, the members of the Trung Son Commune Folk Arts Club were still engrossed in practicing, forgetting about time.

Sweat beaded on their faces, soaking the back of their shirts, but the smiles of Ms. Ho Thi Leu, Head of the Club, and Ms. Ho Thi Huong, Vice Head of the Club, were still bright, saying that the whole team was urgently rehearsing a few performances to perform in the A Luoi highland market.

Before participating in folk music performances at traditional festivals (new rice celebration, weddings, etc.), in locally organized events or serving tourists at homestays, whether in large or small scale, all club members practiced and prepared carefully and meticulously.

“Most of our work is farming, going to the forest, going down to the stream. It's very hard; but we are willing to spend time learning from the artisans. When there is about to have a performance, we take advantage of the whole afternoon, sometimes late at night, to practice. Sometimes we only put on 2 performances, but we practiced them for 1 month. Many old performances have been re-created, with the hope that each time we perform, we will bring to the audience a beautiful and always fresh performance. This is also the enthusiasm of the next generation, the effort to contribute to preserving the cultural soul of the jungle." Ms. Ho Thi Leu and Ho Thi Huong shared.


I remember one time, at Huong Rung homestay, after enjoying the "zazã" dance - a typical dance of the Ka Tu ethnic group, blended with the melodious sounds of musical instruments of the jungle, performed by Trung Son Commune Folk Arts Club, tourists from the southern provinces expressed satisfaction and excitement. Many people said that folk dances showing the optimistic soul and love for life of ethnic minorities in this land, made them so impressed with the "color" of A Luoi that they want to come back some day.

During the festival "Border Guard Spring warms the hearts of villagers" organized by the Border Guard Command in coordination with the Central Vietnam Women's Union in A Luoi in early 2023, the Folk Arts Club of Trung Son commune was invited to perform. A Luoi people or delegates from Hanoi Capital, Hue City, or anyone can hardly forget the heroic, bustling, joyful, warm atmosphere of a big festival for the people and the land here.

Throughout that atmosphere was the sound of musical instruments and traditional dances of the people. Ms. Ho Thi Huong emotionally expressed that all members of the club were happy and proud to be able to perform at the festival, to "send" the culture of A Luoi mountains and forests into the feelings of friends.

According to Ms. Le Thi Them, Head of the Culture & Information Department of A Luoi district, almost every commune in the district has established a Folk Arts Club, serving local cultural and artistic activities. Especially in the areas with many tourist attractions and tourism services development, the clubs develop stronger, performing to serve tourists staying at homestays. Trung Son Commune Folk Arts Club is one of the strong clubs. The members were very dedicated to preserving, inheriting, and promoting the cultural identity of ethnic minorities, which is very respectful.

Recently, the "colors" of the Trung Son Commune Folk Arts Club "followed" officers and soldiers of the Hong Van Border Gate of Border Guard Station to Hue City, contributing to the "Smart Civil Service" contest organized by the Provincial Border Guard Command. I again "met" the bright smiles of the club members when they said: "We are so happy to bring the colors of the mountains and forests to the city."

Story and photos: Quynh Anh
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