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Launching "Mysterious Hue" publication set through perspectives of Westerners in first half of 20th century

TTH.VN - A publication set, titled "Mysterious Hue", consists of three books namely: “Hue, the mystery” (by Louis Chochod), “Gia Long Mausoleum” (by Léopold Cadière), and “The collection of maps and sites in Hue Imperial City” (by Henri Cosserat and Léopold Cadière).

The book about A Luoi has an "echo" from the United StatesRare books under Nguyen Dynasty

This publication set is published by MaiHaBooks in association with Social Sciences Publishing House, which has just been introduced to the public on the afternoon of September 23 at the Faculty of History, University of Sciences, Hue University.

 The set of 3 books titled "Mysterious Hue"

The book launching ceremony attracted a large number of researchers, lecturers and students.

“Hue, the mystery” is considered a book that surprises readers most because of its rich and even "strange" content as the author opens it with very basic concepts of Confucianism, from the worldview, humanism, and cosmology of ancient Chinese sages. The book consists of five chapters, which analyze, explain, and explore phenomena, from human being, society, life, spiritual imprints, secular life to the first ever changes in economy, society, and knowledge of Hue in the direction of modernization...

Meanwhile, the book “Gia Long Mausoleum”, whose author is Father Léopold Cadière, helps readers better understand the first Emperor of the Nguyen Dynasty, along with the concepts of humanism that Emperor Gia Long himself sent into his mausoleum complex. The work not only is a meticulous research, but it also has a very high application value, as the author, with his generous and elegant writing style, looked for a book that today we call a “travel guidebook”.

 A discussion session around the "Mysterious Hue" publication set was held at the launching ceremony

The last one in the publication set is “The collection of maps and sites in Hue Imperial City” by two authors, Henri Cosserat and Léopold Cadière. In this work, the authors presented not only images of the maps, but also the accompanying analysis. 28 maps are arranged in order of appearance time, and are fully introduced from their origins (time, sources of information, and places of first publication, etc.) to their meanings and necessary usages.

Also at the book launching ceremony, a discussion session around the publication set was held, with guests including two speakers, Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Tung (Dean of the Faculty of Architecture) and Dr. Le Vu Truong Giang (lecturer, the Faculty of History) from the University of Sciences, Hue University. The two speakers discussed and explained the special, unique and mysterious features of Hue culture through the three publications, with new perspectives from the Western scholars.

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Voice of Ancient Capital

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Tourist numbers to Hue surge during Tet

The Department of Tourism has reported that during the Giap Thin Lunar New Year (Year of the Dragon), the number of tourists visiting Hue for sightseeing and experiences has significantly increased compared to that of the same period in 2023, with many accommodation facilities fully booked during the festive days.

Tourist numbers to Hue surge during Tet
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“Into the Wild” with Jeet Zdung
The book about A Luoi has an "echo" from the United States

While the article about the book "Echoes of the Truong Son" (Thuan Hoa Publishing House, 2023) was being prepared when I included it in the collection of essays "Life's Many Paths" (Writers Association Publishing House, 2023), from Ho Chi Minh City, Mrs. Dam Thu continuously sent touching feedback to Hue about the work that she had just "poured her efforts" into completing.

The book about A Luoi has an echo from the United States
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