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Launching the design idea contest of pedestrian bridge crossing Ho Thanh moat and connecting Thuong Thanh

TTH.VN - This contest is organized by Hue Monuments Conservation Center in collaboration with the People's Committee of Hue City, with the aim to explore creative ideas of public architecture (for pedestrians) from Nguyen Hoang bus station to Hue Imperial City area.

New experiences from Thuong Thanh“Hue poetry 2023” contest launched


The design position starting from Tran Huy Lieu Street, crossing Ho Thanh moat, and connecting Thuong Thanh (the Upper surface of the Citadel rampart). Photo: Hue Monuments Conservation Center

The designs are required to come up with unique ideas and solutions, so as to create an architecture suitable for the heritage space, and ensuring compliance with the Law on Cultural Heritage, as well as promoting creative solutions that are humane in designs, with the overall harmony, creating convenience and safety for visitors and traffic participants, at the same time creating a different image for the urban space in the context of globalization.

The designs also need to focus on the feasibility in practical implementation, using appropriate materials, applying new technologies to promote the conservation of and adaptation to the heritage; creating a community-based ecosystem, supporting a number of creative cultural and business activities, etc.

Contestants are national and international organizations, individuals and students studying in the fields of architecture, creativity and fine arts.

In addition to high-value prizes, the winning design in the contest will be realistic, meeting the demand of safe travel for visitors.

Submission period is from March 20 until April 20, 2023.

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Online photo contest themed “Enjoy the Summer”

The contest is open to all Vietnamese citizens at home and abroad as well as foreigners working and living in Vietnam, without age limit, but participants must first Hit like and follow Visit Hue Fanpage to be eligible for the contest.

Online photo contest themed “Enjoy the Summer”
New experiences from Thuong Thanh

The connection of the Citadel’s rampart not only provide locals and visitors new views and experiences, but also brings the connection among people, nature and heritage even closer.

New experiences from Thuong Thanh
Found the love and gratitude from books

" In the depth of my heart, I understand that books have brought us not only plentiful knowledge and picturesque language, but also aroused love and gratitude" - Ha Huu Thai Hoang - a 4th grade student of Ly Thuong Kiet Primary School (Hue City) shared about the values that books have brought him in the journey of spreading love to the community.

Found the love and gratitude from books
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