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Le Brothers bring the “forest" to Hanoi

TTH.VN - "In the forest" is the name of the exhibition by the twin artists Le Brothers, which has just opened to the public in the capital city at the Mo Art Space (Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi) on the afternoon of August 26th.

Hue lotuses in Le Hoa’s paintingsMyriad colors of life

 A corner of the artwork by Le Brothers at the "In the forest" exhibition. Photo: Tran Viet Dung

Started from 2021, "In the forest" is the first appearance with a series of large-scale oil paintings, antique wooden door frames, and wooden cabinets painted as a surface compatible with three-dimensional textures and heavy materials, followed by dynamic image videos captured during forest journeys.

In this exhibition, Le Brothers present to art enthusiasts 17 oil paintings on canvas, 9 sets of wooden doors, 1 installation art piece, and 1 video. These are works without a clear beginning or ending, where the surface consists of alternating strips of colors ranging from warm and vibrant to cold and dark.

The curator Nguyen Anh Tuan - the curator of this exhibition - points out that the interconnectedness of sensations translates into the actions of drawing, scraping, scratching, rubbing, and grinding on the painting surface, passing from one person to another as a shared understanding of nature. The continuous interpretations on the painting surface form endless lines, layered, thick, and transformative - like the dense, layered emotions that are both flourishing and fading of the forest bringing to them.

"From these painting surfaces, this visual structure extends onto the antique wooden door frames, onto the material fragments shaped by human hands and the imprint of time, just as the envelopment and vitality of the forest will conquer what remains. The installation spread throughout the space non-linearly, not aiming at a specific path for the viewers. The artistic objects, created by the collaboration between human hands and the natural elements of trees, water, living beings, are intended to build and convey the sensation of nature, and establish a dialogue with the nature of each person stepping into it," shared curator Nguyen Anh Tuan.

The artist duo Le Brothers (Le Ngoc Thanh and Le Duc Hai), born in 1975 in Quang Binh province, are known as Vietnamese lacquer artists who create works on the theme of war. Both graduated from Hue University of Fine Arts in 2000, where Le Ngoc Thanh specialized in lacquer and Le Duc Hai chose oil painting. Both are currently living and working in Hue City.

After exploring painting, Le Brothers began experimenting with performance art and video art, creating numerous works centered around metaphors of similarity. The artworks of the twin siblings address the issue of North - South Vietnam, as well as other territories that have been or are currently divided. Le Brothers impress with their unique approach to historical issues, inherent qualities, and interpretations of history within the current context.

Le Brothers have exhibited and performed at various locations both domestically and internationally, including The Nord gallerie in Berlin (2018), Vietnam Eye in START at Saatchi Gallery in London (2017), Jim Thompson Art Center in Bangkok (2016), Gwangju Art Museum (2016), Kumamoto Contemporary Art Museum in Japan (2015), The Live Performance Biennale 2015 in Canada, Palais de Tokyo in Paris (2015), Queens Museum (2015), Visual Artists Association of Croatia in Zagreb (2015), Iran CP Biennale (2014), FreeS Art Space in Taipei, Taiwan (2014), Singapore Biennale (2013). The selected projects include "The Bridge II" performed at DMZ Gang Hwa, South Korea (2012); "Before 86" at Cheongju Complex Cultural Center, Korea (2012); "Communication with the Era" at Saigon Open City, Vietnam (2006); "Window to Asian" Vietnam (2001) ...

The exhibition lasts until October 29th.

Story: N. MINH


Tam Giang Mangrove Forest

Tam Giang brackish water lagoon system is the Southeast Asia's largest, located 30 km from Hue City. The lush mangrove forest not only creates conservation areas for aquatic resources, helping the Tam Giang lagoon to put on a new color, but also protects the habitat from the impact of climate change, creating more livelihoods for local people, from fishing to community tourism.

Tam Giang Mangrove Forest
Hue, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City cooperate and develop in literature and arts

Following the traditional relationship for the past 63 years, on the morning of May 24, the Unions of Literary and Art Associations of three localities of Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, and Thua Thien Hue signed an agreement to cooperate and coordinate in activities in the field of literature and arts.

Hue, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City cooperate and develop in literature and arts
The forest will grow green

Spring is the season of love and hope, it is also the season to plant trees, grow forest, "growing" good sources of life.

The forest will grow green
Love of forest birds

Birds in the wild enjoy parental or spousal love just as many other wild animals do. Baby birds find it hard to exist without the protection from their parents. The mother birds cry so tragically when they lose their babies.

Love of forest birds
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