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Myriad colors of life

TTH.VN - The 28th North Central Region Fine Arts Exhibition kicked off on August 16th. The exhibition introduces the art-loving public to 157 artworks from 137 artists.

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 The artwork "Vi vu" by artist Hoang Thanh Phong (Thua Thien Hue province)

Visiting the North Central Region Fine Arts Exhibition, the audience is captivated by the simplicity and familiarity as many artworks draw inspiration from the livelihoods and family activities that are so familiar.

"The image of the countryside with farmers harvesting crops appears very authentic. The artist doesn't depict the laborers in detail within the painting, but the bright yellow hues depict a bountiful harvest season in contrast to the simplicity and serenity of the muted tones – where the farmers are portrayed in their labor's beauty, a toilsome yet joyful endeavor," Hoang Van Thanh, a student from the University of Sciences, Hue University, shared about the artwork "Nong thon ngay mua" (Countryside in Harvest Season) by artist Trinh Hoang Tan (Quang Tri province)."

The abundant autumn seasons are also a topic that many artists choose. Using deep and contrasting color tones, the artwork 'Giac mong bay’ (Flying Dreams) by artist Nguyen Luong Sang (Quang Binh province) takes viewers on a fishing boat journey, portraying the hardships of the fishermen.

The image of hands that have weathered countless challenges, steadfast bare feet against the waves and the boat, and the school of fish, all express the hopes for successful journeys far from the shore. The exhibition also introduces the artwork ‘Mua ca trich’ (Season of the Herring) by artist Le Thuan Long (Quang Binh province), crafted with handmade fabric material. The image of the energetic herrings swimming in the ocean, skilfully depicted by the artist, and the novel fabric material also receive the appreciation of the audience.

Society in the era of transformation also inspires many artists. The image of the dock at the Formosa plant (Ha Tinh province), with cargo ships departing day and night, is conveyed to the public through the painting ‘Ben tau co mai che’ (Covered Dock) by artist Nguyen Van Duong (Ha Tinh province), created with colored powder material."

The paintings "Pho cang” (Port Street (artist Ngo Duy Luong, Thanh Hoa province), "Am thanh ngay moi” (Sounds of a New Day) (artist Le Dan Te, Quang Binh province), and "Que huong doi moi” (Transformed Homeland) (artist Pham Thi Hong Dat, Quang Binh province) depict the work of people during the country's era of renewal.

Especially, the artwork "Nhip song moi” by artist Nguyen Dinh Truyen (Nghe An province) takes the public into the rhythms, the sounds of the era of industrialization and modernization of the country.

Using paper-cutting technique, the artist depicted the workers, shaping the modern roads and structures. This is also one of the two artworks that won the B prize at the exhibition.

The remaining B-prize-winning artwork is the painting "Vi vu" (Wandering) by artist Hoang Thanh Phong (Thua Thien Hue province). The painting looks so "real" that some might mistake it for a photograph. The image of two pinecones lying on the ground evokes thoughts of carefree afternoons’ wandering of the youths, of deep contemplation, confusion, and entanglement, much like the way the pine needles lie on the ground. The image of the pinecones is also seen as a symbol of life and happiness.

 The moving "Cuoc chien” (The Battle) by artist Truong Minh Luu (Quang Binh province)

Images of soldiers also appear in the artworks at the exhibition. The artworks "Qua den Truong Sa” (Gifts to Truong Sa) (artist Ho Thanh Tho, Quang Tri province) and "Chung toi linh dao xa” (We Are Island Soldiers" (artist Le Trong Tan, Thanh Hoa province) are expressions of love sent to the soldiers at the forefront. Despite difficulties, they remain steadfast on land and sea to protect the nation's sovereignty.

The artwork "The Battle" by artist Truong Minh Luu (Quang Binh province) also moves viewers with the image of a firefighter selflessly rushing into the flames to rescue a trapped baby.

Ms. Mai Thi Ngoc Oanh, the Standing Deputy Chairman of the Vietnam Fine Arts Association, shared that this year's exhibition, although lacking in new young artists and appearance (few new genres), has still provided an opportunity for artists to refine their skills, change their perspectives, and explore new ideas to break out of their personal comfort zones.

The participating artworks in the exhibition have reflected the values of traditional cultural heritage, the socio-economic achievements of the homeland and the nation. Through this, they create values of cultural and spiritual significance deeply rooted in the ethnic culture.

Mr. Ho Dang Thanh Ngoc, the Chairman of the Union of Provincial Fine Arts Associations, believes that the exhibition is an opportunity for artists from the North Central Region provinces to meet and exchange ideas.

"For the artists, the exhibition is not only an opportunity to admire the works of colleagues, which serves as motivation to continue creating, but also a source of encouragement for artists to further develop their own careers.

Despite sometimes having limited circumstances and materials for creation, the artists still commit themselves to creativity, exploring their inner worlds, and dedicating their experiences and emotions to the public and society through their artworks," expressed Mr. Ho Dang Thanh Ngoc.

Story and photos: Dang Trinh
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