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Newly released book series “Vietnamese stories in the ancient bibliography"

TTH.VN - The Center for National Studies and the Publishing House of Literature have just released a series entitled "Vietnamese stories in the ancient bibliography", including 261 stories archived at the Hán-Nôm Institute (in Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences).

A reminiscence of ‘Mut Tet’ (‘Sweet for Tet’)Reading Books with Interest"Books in Hue's life"Going along the country to “hunt” trashResearching and compiling "The encyclopedia of Hue culinary culture"

The series has two volumes, compiled by the two researchers Lâm Giang and Nguyễn Văn Tuân, featuring prose in long stories, short stories and tales recorded in all the documents and books written in either Hán (Chinese) or Nôm (Vietnamese) characters that were passed on during several feudal periods in Vietnam, from the Lý dynasty to the Nguyễn dynasty.

Readers can see through the pages the hearts and minds of the ancient Vietnamese, and at the same time clearly feel their pride in the homeland and the nation’s valuable customs and traditions.

Selected prose in the book are divided into long and short stories, with long stories written in chapters based on historical accounts and short stories based on rich materials from legends and historical tales.

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