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Online paintings: selling quickly, convenient to buy

TTH.VN - For about 2 years now, selling and buying paintings online has become an effective way for artists to introduce widely their works to the public.

Making living spaces more beautiful with paintings"The Beauty of Spring" of Hue TaHue as portrayed by young artist group “Hue Ta”

 “City on River” by Hoang Thanh Phong is introduced on the Facebook page “Our Hue.”

Sold easily online

Since the appearance of Facebook, every time finishing a painting, Le Minh Phong posts it on his page. Initially, he did so just to share with others. Surprisingly, many people saw and asked to buy them. Selling and buying paintings has become easier for him since then.

For two years now, Phong has sold nearly all of his paintings through his Facebook, mainly to customers in Ho Chi Minh City, Ha Noi, and collectors from abroad such as Singapore, America, Canada, etc. Even some sets consisting of 20-25 paintings were sold easily.

“Thanks to Facebook, my works are widely known, and I have connected with many collectors. In the past, when buying a large number of paintings, collectors came to Hue to see the works by themselves. But now all my business is done online. All I have to do is paint, then post the works on Facebook. Without Facebook, it is hard to make connection so quickly,” said Phong.

As soon as forming “Our Hue” in late 2017, the group of artists created the Facebook page “Our Hue” to introduce their works. Paintings about landscape, culture, people, and special aspects of Hue are of interest to many people. Some works were sold just some minutes after they had been posted online. 

 “Village on Clouds” by Hoang Xuan Hieu

“Through Facebook, we have sold a lot of works. In the past, some artists could sell just a few paintings, but now they sell quite a lot. Previously, it was so difficult to sell purely artistic works, but now after accessing landscapes and still lifes, customers want to buy more artistic works. The artist's trademark is gradually raised. There are works that were sold at up to $1,000-1,500,” said Phan Quang Tan, a member of “Our Hue.”

Previously, paintings were just for the painter himself to behold. Now, interactions on social networks stimulate the painter’s creativity because he has more income and more connections. Many junior artists become quite confident when they see their works are welcomed online and some customers want to buy them.

Do Van Lan says although he began to sell his paintings online just half a year ago, his 20 paintings, including the ones he had painted a long time ago, have been purchased. He is now known more widely by collectors. That is the motivation for him to nurture his passion for art.

 “Peace of Mind” by Nguyen Anh Duong

Quicker and closer to the public

Together with the development of science and technology, for two years now, selling and buying paintings through social networks has been an efficient way which many artists and art lovers choose.

This is the fastest way for artists to make their paintings known to the public. Some artists can even find their collectors online. Some collectors follow a certain artist’s development and buy immediately his every painting posted on Facebook that they feel like. 

Online paintings are diverse too, from landscapes, still lifes, to purely artistic works of various genres and materials at prices ranging from some million to ten million dongs, some even up to tens of million dongs. "Even very expensive works can still be sold online provided that the artist has trust and prestige," said Le Minh Phong.

In addition to introducing on their personal sites, some artists also show their works on the Facebook or websites of some other groups such as: Vietnam Art Space, Vietnam Art Now, All about Art and Artists, etc. Those specialized pages constantly introduce works by many artists in various regions and have even started auctioning online. Since they have connections with collectors, there are more opportunities for artists to sell their paintings.

According to Nguyen Thien Duc, Chairman of the Provincial Fine Arts Association, thanks to online market, selling and buying paintings becomes quick and convenient. Geographical distances are erased. Paintings can be known to beholders widely and quickly.

Paintings can be sold even better online than in traditional art galleries. The customer who wants to buy paintings for decoration can access more paintings which suit his taste and interest.

This is an extremely good means for artists, especially junior ones, to quickly access buyers. At the same time, it helps artists to sell their works so that they have income to improve their lives and to continue with their creativity. However, the disadvantage of selling paintings online is that collectors can see only photos of paintings, but not real ones. Artists therefore need to ensure their prestige by providing real photos of their originals.

Story and photos: TRANG HIEN



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