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Organizing many activities in response to Hue Community Ao Dai Week 2024

TTH.VN - In order to honor Ao dai Vietnam clothing, and at the same time respond to Hue Community Ao Dai Week 2024, which is due to take place from June 24 - 30, Hue City People's Committee has just issued an official dispatch to organize the Hue Community Ao Dai Week 2024.

Community Ao Dai Week 2024 to take place by the end of JuneDancing in Ao dai marks the end of the Hue Community Ao dai Week 2023Ao dai Hue in the Vietnam Film Festival

 Traders at Dong Ba market wear the traditional ao dai during holidays and Tet holiday

Accordingly, the city asked agencies, units, and the People's Committees of wards and communes to coordinate, support, facilitate, and mobilize the participation and response so that Hue Community Ao Dai Week 2024 would be successfully held.

These requirements include the activities of coordinating and supporting spaces, locations, parking spaces, ensuring the environmental hygiene, security and order, and other necessary conditions to organize activities within the Community Ao Dai Week. The People's Committee of Dong Ba Ward was assigned to host and organize a charming Ao Dai contest, so as to attract the participation and response of officials, civil servants, public employees and workers within the ward.

In addition, the City’s Women's Union will host and organize an exchanging program for sports, folk dance, and dance clubs from community groups, clubs, wards and communes in the locality (wearing Ao dai). Besides, the City’s Labor Federation will host and organize an activity to donate the Ao dai to workers in difficult circumstances.

For agencies, units, unions, the People's Committees of 36 wards and communes, the Management Boards of city markets, etc., they will mobilize and encourage officials, civil servants, public employees, workers, traders, and the locals to wear Ao dai, suitable for work and practical conditions, from June 24 to 30.

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Finding myself again in Ao dai

My childhood was marked with the image of my mother stroking her ao dai flat before going out (Ao dai is traditional costume for women (and men) in Vietnam.) At that time, cloth produced in the country was cheap; my mother had many ao dai of different colors tailored. She wore ao dai everywhere she went on every occasion.

Finding myself again in Ao dai
Hue Ao Dai, a distinct feature

Ao Dai has become a cultural symbol for Vietnamese women in general. For the women of Hue in particular, Ao Dai is a source of pride because Hue Ao Dai has been firmly established in the hearts of the people. For Ao Dai to flourish and be honored, the support and promotion by our sisters, by the members of the Women's Union throughout the province, are essential.

Hue Ao Dai, a distinct feature
Hue-born photographer opens photo exhibition themed "The ao dai which I love"

Many images of Ao dai Hue and Hue ancient capital’s relics are being displayed by Kao Kuong, a Hue-born photographer (whose real name is Nguyen Cao Cuong) in a photo exhibition themed "The Ao dai which I love". The exhibition opened on March 2 at 87 Tran Quoc Thao Street, Ho Chi Minh City.

Hue-born photographer opens photo exhibition themed The ao dai which I love
Launching a collection of Ao dai inspired by Trinh Cong Son’s music

Following the success of previous collections such as “Xua va nay” (Past and Present), “Nhat Nguyet” (Sun and Moon), “Em den tu nghin xua” (You Come from Ancient Times), “Vu khuc gam lua” (Silk Dance), and “Bong - Hinh” (Shadow - Image), on the evening of December 14th, Trinh Hoang Dieu - a fashion designer, will unveil a new collection of Ao dai entitled “Mau thoi gian” (Colors of Time) at the art event and fashion show “Dieu - Mau thoi gian” (Dieu - Colors of Time) in Ho Chi Minh City.

Launching a collection of Ao dai inspired by Trinh Cong Son’s music
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