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Performing arts in the rain

TTH.VN - The heavy rain on the night of June 9th caused a slight delay in the performance of the Double Impro dance group from Wallonia-Brussels, Belgium, at the stage of Quoc Hoc Pavilion. Nevertheless, thousands of spectators eagerly awaited the artists' appearance on stage.

Lighting up the festival seasonHue is bustling ahead of the opening of Hue Festival Week 2024

 Despite the heavy rain, the artists still gave their all in their performance

At around 8:10 PM, amidst the relentless downpour, the stage lights ignited. Unlike previous performances, a representative of the Belgian art troupe stepped forward and thanked the audience for waiting in the rain to see the dancers perform. His words, laden with emotion, resonated with the audience, eclipsing the discomfort of the inclement weather: “Thank you for your patience. We will not disappoint you.”

The sound of applause and cheers continued unabated as the moment for the dancers to begin their performance arrived. In their captivating performance, the Double Impro dance group unveiled “Conversation” - a program where dancers seemingly encounter each other for the first time on stage. Through the expressive medium of dance, they exchange stories and experiences, weaving an intimate three-way conversation – between dancers and dancers, and between dancers and the audience.

With a foundation in Hip-hop culture, the Double Impro dance group represents an artistic innovation as their works require spontaneous interaction with the audience, breaking the norms of traditional performances. The art troupe's act continuously received applause from the audience. The stage lights, with colors of purple, blue, yellow, and red... reflecting off the raincoats, and the cheering of the audience created a lively atmosphere around the stage area, overpowering even the sound of the rain.

Nguyễn Minh Ngọc, an audience, shared: “We had raincoats, but the artists had to perform in the rain. They gave their all and performed wonderfully. This is probably the most touching performance I have ever attended.”

 Thousands of people watch the performance in the rain

Founded in 2020, the Double Impro dance group is comprised of four dynamic artists whose performances are rooted in the art of spontaneous audience interaction. Double Impro proves that dance can be shared. Sharing and exchange are central elements of this art form.

There are many different dance styles, but improvising with the audience is something the artists of Double Impro apply naturally. The public immerse themselves in this experience when they have the opportunity to interact directly with the artists. The purpose of this interactive art form is to assemble and blend styles, innovate, and provide vivid and unique experiences with each performance.

As for the dance group, the “Conversation” that Double Impro introduced to the public at Hue Festival 2024 is a form of performance that brings together artists from various backgrounds to share their stories through dance. As its name suggests, the “Conversation” revolves around genuine exchanges, questions, mutual understanding, humility, and balance.

During the performance, the dancers meet on stage as if they seemingly encounter each other for the first time, and through movement, they weave an intimate conversation. Each movement, dance step, and gesture is a response to what the other dancers present, thus creating a harmonious and fluid balance between different artistic expressions. The dancers share not only their skills and techniques but also their subtle expressions, experiences, and emotions, thereby creating a profound and captivating conversation with the audience. “Conversation” celebrates diversity, connection, and the power of non-verbal communication through dance.

Story and photos: HUU PHUC
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