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Phan Dang, the researcher, won A prize of Vietnam National Book Awards

TTH.VN - The work “Hoang Viet Nhat Thong Du Dia Chi” written by Le Quang Dinh, translated and annotated by Phan Dang, published by the World Publishing House and Thai Ha Book Joint Stock Company, has just been awarded the A Prize of the 5th National Book Award.

“Empress Dowager Tu Du" by the writer Tran Thuy Mai winning the Good Book AwardSilk Books in the Nguyen Dynasty’s Era

The book Hoang Viet Nhat Thong Du Dia Chi” by Le Quang Dinh, author, translated by Phan Dang

The award ceremony was held on the evening of October 3rd in Hanoi.

The Prize A awarded to Phan Dang (former lecturer at Faculty of Literature, University of Sciences, Hue University) is also the only one this year.

The book “Hoang Viet Nhat Thong Du Dia Chi” by Le Quang Dinh, translated and annotated by Phan Dang, is considered the first work on the national geography of the Nguyen Dynasty since it dated 1806.

The National Book Award Council highly appreciates the value of the book in that it affirms the national border, expresses the sense of independence, the aspiration to unify the country and the culture-civilization of the Vietnamese people.

In addition, the organizers awarded 9 B prizes and 16 C prizes. The high prize-winning works lacked literary works, especially domestic ones and applied information technology works in many areas of social life.

By N. Minh

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