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Representation of cultural beauty in Hue Tet

TTH.VN - With chưng cakes, crystallized ginger, calligraphy, etc., the program of "Hue Tet" taking place at Hue Museum of Culture has created the bustling atmosphere of the spring.

The Tet of HueCaring for apricot blossoms to welcome TetVice President Dang Thi Ngoc Thinh warms up Tet atmosphere in Thua Thien HueGrowing yellow apricot blossoms for Tet

The teams in their competition of making chưng cakes and tét cakes

With the participation of a large number of officers, youth union members and trade union members from 27 wards in the city, the program has represented the cultural beauty of Hue in the traditional New Year, such as competition of making chưng cakes and tét cakes (glutinous rice cakes), competition of making traditional kinds of mứt, organizing folk games, writing calligraphy, the ao dai show and arts performances to welcome the spring, etc.

The representative of the program’s Organization Board said: "The organization of this program creates solidarity and serves as a salutary playground for youth union members and members of associations. At the same time, it contributes to the variety of cultural and tourism activities in the city during Tet."

The program also gives Tet gifts to 54 families of youth union and trade union members who are poor, near-poor households and children in difficult circumstances in the city.

Some photos of the activities at "Hue Tet" program:

Lion dance performance

Performance of ao dai collections with the themes of folklore paintings and spring flowers

Making crystallized ginger and tét cakes

Crossing the monkey bridge

Writing calligraphy

Story and photos: Minh Hien

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