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Sketches of Phu Loc captivate viewers

TTH.VN - On the afternoon of June 6th , over 150 sketch works depicting the landscapes of Phu Loc were exhibited and introduced to the public at Diem Phung Thi Art Center (part of Hue Fine Arts Museum, 17 Le Loi, Hue City).

Telling historical stories with sketchesScenery of Phu Loc mesmerises sketchersSketching A Luoi to love Hue moreThe heritage of Hue in sketches and on conical hats and Ao dai

 The exhibition space showcasing sketches of Phu Loc region.

The artworks were selected from over 250 pieces created during the Sketching the Beauty of Phu Loc Journey 2024, with the participation of nearly 50 members from Urban Sketchers Hanoi Group and Hue artists.

At the exhibition, viewers are immersed in the breathtaking landscapes of Hue in general and Phu Loc in particular, through the language of visual arts. Stunning sites such as Bach Ma National Park, Cau Hai Lagoon, Ham Rong, Canh Duong, Lang Co, Son Cha beaches, and Hai Van Quan… are vividly portrayed by the artists, showcasing not only the beauty but also the potential and strengths of Phu Loc's natural landscape.

 Sketches of Phu Loc were also incorporated onto ao dai designs by Viet Bao, the designer, and presented at the exhibition.

According to Ms. Dinh Thi Hoai Trai, Director of Hue Fine Arts Museum, these sketches transcend mere documentation of heritage sites. With the freedom of feeling and creation, they become lively and sophisticated through the selective, impressionistic strokes of sketch art.

“The artists' emotional resonance with the beauty of Hue heritages left viewers marveling at the often overlooked yet strikingly beautiful aspects of our familiar surroundings. Each sketch preserves beautiful memories of the land’s heritage and continues to spread the message: Let us all join hands to preserve, protect, and honor the cultural heritage values of the Ancient capital,” Ms. Trai remarked.

Ms. Trai hopes that this exhibition will help spread the love for the country's nature and people, explore the beauty in the daily lives of Hue residents, and inspire pride and awareness in preserving and promoting Hue Ancient capital's tangible and intangible cultural heritage to both domestic and international audiences.

 Leaders of the Department of Culture and Sports, Hue Fine Arts Museum, and sketching group presenting paintings to Phu Loc District and Bach Ma National Park.

As part of the exhibition, Hue Fine Arts Museum also organized a display and performance of an ao dai collection featuring images from Phu Loc sketches by the designer Viet Bao. Additionally, there were activities such as painting on Hue ao dai and sketching Hue landscapes on non l(conical hat).

The exhibition runs until June 30th.

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Spreading the image of ao dai through socialization

After more than four years of implementation, the project “Hue – The Capital of Ao Dai Vietnam” has more or less received the attention and positive response of the public through many activities and events. Besides, there have been policies that create favourable conditions for businesses operating in the tailoring industry, as well as encourage people to wear ao dai on important occasions and events, which has popularised the image of ao dai.

Spreading the image of ao dai through socialization
The Ao dai in Hue life

Throughout the S-shaped strip of the land of Vietnam, Ao dai can be found in every region. Specifically, in Hue, Ao dai has become a part of the cultural identity and unique beauty of the people here. An important milestone in Hue Ao dai costume was in 1744, after Lord Nguyen Phuc Khoat ascended the throne in Phu Xuan, he promulgated many policies and mentioned the modification of costumes. Thereafter, during the Nguyen Dynasty, the court issued an order, creating an opportunity for Hue women in particular and Vietnamese women in general to wear Ao dai regularly. Accordingly, the tradition of wearing Ao dai gradually entered the daily life of people.

The Ao dai in Hue life
Students design 12 zodiac animal stamps on the Ao dai

On the afternoon of June 26, High School for Gifted Students of the University of Sciences, Hue University held an awarding ceremony for the contest “Designing 12 zodiac animal stamps on the Ao dai in 2024”. The contest aims to respond to the Ao dai Week 2024 activity, and, at the same time, create opportunities for members of the school's stamp club to learn about the traditional 12 zodiac animal stamps.

Students design 12 zodiac animal stamps on the Ao dai
Telling historical stories with sketches

The sketches created by Artist Nguyen Van Nguyen successfully depict the heroic historical years of the resistance war fought by the people and soldiers of Binh Tri Thien against the US. These sketches accurately portrayed the lives of compatriots and soldiers during this time. Many of these works were composed during the war and were introduced to the public for the first time in an exhibition titled “Memory Land”.

Telling historical stories with sketches
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