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Scenery of Phu Loc mesmerises sketchers

TTH.VN - The primeval forest with a system of beautiful streams and waterfalls, the vast lagoon connecting to the ocean, along with many other magnificent landscapes of Phu Loc, have mesmerised sketchers. Standing before such beautiful scenes, the sketcher couldn't help but feel moved to put shimmering, fanciful strokes on the sketches.

The heritage of Hue: inspiration for sketchersSketching Hue Ancient Capital

 Participants in the Sketching Journey in Phu Loc showing off their artworks after stopping by for sketching

Those participating in the Sketching Journey, after many years of traveling through the lands of Hue ancient capital, stopped at Phu Loc in the last days of March when the fresh spring weather still lingered in every scenic spot which the group stopped by. More than 40 artists from Hanoi Sketch Group, together with Hue artists, participated in the Sketching Journey organised by Hue Fine Arts Museum.

Nearly a week of traveling around the beautiful landscapes in Phu Loc gave the artists a lot of experiences and emotions. They were mesmerised by each scenic spot that they stopped by so much that they couldn’t help but show their true emotions in front of the beautiful nature, and bring such beauty through their own unique perspectives onto their sketches as well.

Waterfalls, primeval forests, ancient villas in Bach Ma National Park, Hai Van Gate, Thanh Duyen Pagoda, Canh Duong Beach, Cau Hai lagoon, etc., through the perspectives and talented sketches of artists, seem to become more sparkling and magnificent than ever. With a variety of materials, the artists have faithfully conveyed real images onto their works, immersing viewers in a poetic space with the beauty of rivers, streams, seas, lakes, and rows of mountains. Together with the nature, residents of this place have created a multi-coloured and multidimensional picture of the ecosystem, customs and daily activities of local people over many generations.

Many artists participating in the program, especially those from Hanoi, were amazed by the beautiful scenery that nature has bestowed on the southern land of Thua Thien Hue. Therefore, they use almost all their time to both experience and sketch. The works, through many perspectives and in many different dimensions, seem to show the artists’ gratitude for setting foot in this place. As for Hue artists, although Phu Loc is familiar, it is a brand-new experience every time they go there. This land of converging scenery, “from the forest to the sea”, provides an extremely emotional material for them to put into their works, which is never duplicated. Every different time, space and location acts as a spontaneous source of inspiration for the artists to sketch.

According to Ms. Dinh Thi Hoai Trai, Director of Hue Fine Arts Museum and head of the organizing committee of the Sketching Journey, the beautiful landscapes of Phu Loc included in the works of artists have created a multi-coloured and multidimensional picture of the culture of this land and its people. It is the sketch works of members participating in this journey that have contributed to preserving, promoting and honoring the cultural values and natural landscapes of Phu Loc to domestic and international tourists through the perspective of sketch art.

“The sketch works are made with all the artists’ passion and enthusiasm. They have dedicated their own artworks to Hue, and these works will be preserved, displayed and effectively promoted by Hue Museum of Fine Arts to contribute to introducing and promoting Hue cultural heritage in general, as well as the beauty of the land and people of Phu Loc in particular, to the public,” shared Ms. Trai.

The Sketching Journey through Hue

Starting from 2020, participants in the Sketching Journey have gone through many lands of Hue ancient capital, from the urban center of Hue to the highland districts or famous landmarks to directly sketch on architectural works, cultural works, landscapes, people, cuisine, etc. After being completed, the artworks are displayed and introduced to the public, as well as printed into photo books. Maintaining this program contributes to preserving, promoting and honoring the cultural values of Hue Ancient Capital to domestic and international tourists through the perspective of sketch art.

Story and photo: NHAT MINH
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Exhibition "Spring Colors" and sketch journey back to Phu Loc

With the theme "Spring Colors", the exhibition organized by the Hue Museum of Fine Arts just opened on the morning of March 21 at the Center for Culture, Information and Sports of Phu Loc district, attracting a large number of the public.

Exhibition Spring Colors and sketch journey back to Phu Loc
Surveying tourist destinations in Phu Loc

In two days from November 3 to 4, the Provincial Department of Tourism coordinated with the People's Committee of Phu Loc District to organize a survey trip to tourist destinations in Phu Loc District.

Surveying tourist destinations in Phu Loc
The heritage of Hue: inspiration for sketchers

Though that was already the third time, the project of “Sketching Hue Ancient Imperial Capital heritage” still attracted many artists. Every place they visited inspired them. So far more than 600 drawings had come into being, contributing to spreading and promoting the beauty of the heritage of Hue culture.

The heritage of Hue inspiration for sketchers
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