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Students from Ho Chi Minh City came to A Luoi to learn about Zèng

TTH.VN - Dozens of fashion design students from Ho Chi Minh City have had exciting experiences when they stayed and ate with Ta Oi people (A Luoi), and learned about their Zèng weaving.

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Zèng weaving is attractive to many people, including young fashion design students at Van Lang University (Ho Chi Minh City)

In the drizzly and cold days of February, dozens of students and their instructors from the fashion design department of Van Lang University (Ho Chi Minh City) ventured to A Hươr village, Quang Nham commune, A Luoi district to explore the traditional Zèng weaving craft of the locals, who have been living for generations near the majestic Truong Son Mountain range.

From the initial excitement to the surprise of witnessing the process of Zèng weaving, the young students from the South couldn't help but express their admiration. Observing the process of weaving and beading on Zèng with all kinds of beautiful patterns, they carefully took pictures and took notes.

“There were so many surprises. Through Zèng, we have a better understanding of the cultural beauty and traditional clothing of the Ta Oi people living here,” said Nguyen Thi Lua, a third-year fashion design student at Van Lang University. Lua researched and documented many details about the craft to “further study the technique of beading on Zèng.”

Meanwhile, many other students focused on the handcrafted products made from Zèng such as tablecloths and handbags. Of course, everyone bought a few items for themselves as souvenirs and gifts for their loved ones.

Not only did the fashion design students from Van Lang University come to learn about Zeng, but they also collaborated with some organizations to donate sewing machines and overlock machines to the locals, as well as instructing them on how to use the machines proficiently. These gifts were intended to help the locals meet their needs and adapt to work in modern times while still maintaining their traditional identity.

The program that brings fashion design students to learn about Zèng weaving of the Ta Oi ethnic group in A Luoi is part of a long-standing cooperation between Van Lang University and Hue Sub-Institute of Vietnam National Institute of Culture and Arts Studies. Through these practical experiences, students can access traditional culture and learn skills by researching and studying them.

The following images were captured by Thua Thien Hue Online:

From Ho Chi Minh City, young fashion design students from Van Lang University travelled to A Huor village (Quang Nham commune, A Luoi district) to eat, stay, and learn about Zèng weaving techniques together.

They spent a lot of time visiting the homes of locals to thoroughly learn about the Zèng weaving techniques.

The intricate patterns and designs on the Zèng fabric left a lasting impression on the young designers. Many of them took detailed photographs for further study.

After their research, the students carefully documented information about Zèng for future reference and study.

A local family showcasing various handcrafted products made from Zèng to the students.

In addition to the students’ research, Van Lang University also donated sewing and overlock machines to the local residents in A Huor

The fashion design students from Van Lang University enthusiastically instructing the locals on how to use the sewing machines.

One of the beautiful Zeng fabric bags photographed and purchased by the students as a souvenir.

Cute moments of the students and the locals in A Huor village

During their stay in A Huor, the students also received valuable information from researchers at the Hue Sub-Institute of Vietnam National Institute of Culture and Arts Studies about various related topics.

By N.Minh

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