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"Tet holiday in Hue" program to take place in January 14 and 15

TTH.VN - "Tet holiday in Hue" is one of the programs that will be organized by Hue City Party Committee in order to recreate, introduce and promote some activities of Hue people to welcome traditional Tet holiday, especially Hue cuisine and local specialties in the province.

Discovering the uniqueness of Hue’s TetHue Tet 2019 program kicks offChưng cakes (cubic sticky rice cakes), Tét cakes (rolled sticky rice cakes) on spring days

"Tet holiday in Hue" program in 2019 attracted thousands of people in showing their ability to make and cook banh Chung and banh Tet

Expected to take place in January 14 and 15, the program will be held at Thuong Bac Park, including contests for making and cooking banh Chung and banh Tet; making Tet jam; and culinary space; experience space for visitors, residents and children ...

In addition to the contests, "Tet holiday in Hue" in 2020 will have the participation of artisans with a presentation of how to display a Tet banquet of Hue people, folk games and experiences on making paper flower, calligraphy ...

The products participating in the contests will be given to poor households, policy beneficiary families and lonely old people in the migration project of Thuong Thanh area, together with 5 child care centers in Hue city area.

By Thanh Huong

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