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Le Duy Ngoc and the path to nourish dreams

TTH.VN - Born in 1989, with a love for painting since childhood, in 2010, Le Duy Ngoc left his hometown of Tuyen Hoa, Quang Binh, for Hue to nurture his passion for art and pursue the path of realizing his dreams.

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 Le Duy Ngoc writes calligraphy on Chu Van An pedestrian street in Hue

In Hue, the ancient capital, Ngoc sought to study painting at Hue University of Fine Arts. However, the university did not offer courses in ink wash painting and calligraphy. Therefore, driven by his love and passion, he embarked on a journey of self-learning.

Ngoc explored, researched through books, and engaged with experienced individuals in the fields of ink wash painting and calligraphy to gradually improve and refine his skills on this unique path to pursuing his passion for art. 

Passionate about painting, Duy Ngoc chose the ink wash painting style to express his dedication, love, his inner world, talent, and the process of his relentless pursuit. Ink wash paintings convey their messages through imagery, with each artwork carrying a deeper meaning related to life or philosophy.

The challenge in ink wash painting, as opposed to oil painting, is that every brushstroke is permanent, and there is no erasing or correcting. The subjects of ink wash paintings are often aspects of nature, such as mountains, rivers, flowers, grass, and birds. Le Duy Ngoc spends a significant amount of time experiencing these subjects. He frequently takes walks, observes the natural landscape, and captures images of beautiful flowers, flowing rivers, or pleasing blades of grass with his phone to fuel his creative inspiration.

Duy Ngoc decided to pursue a degree in electrical engineering to secure a stable income, allowing him to continue his passion for painting. During the day, he diligently works as an electrical engineer in an industrial park in Phu Bai, while at night, he immerses himself in his paintings and calligraphy. Choosing ink wash painting, he found a way to release his negative thoughts and maintain a peaceful serenity in his life.

For this reason, from 2017 until now, regularly on weekend evenings, dressed in traditional ao dai and a conical hat, this young artist has chosen a small corner on Chu Van An Street in the pedestrian area to both paint and display his artwork. This also provides an opportunity for local and international tourists to experience and appreciate traditional ink wash paintings and calligraphy art.

Seeing my curiosity about how he can paint amidst the crowds of the pedestrian area and during festivals, he smiled and shared, "This is also a way for me to practice focusing on inner peace. It's not simple to achieve a tranquil state; when I paint, I pour all my emotions and feelings into the artwork, completely tuning out the surroundings. That's when I have succeeded." Perhaps that is the reason why Ngoc chose to pursue ink wash painting. Through his brushstrokes and dreamlike images, the artist conveys his emotions, sorrows, and aspirations.

After years of dedication, Duy Ngoc's hand is now incredibly dexterous and gentle. With a feathered pen in hand, it takes him just 10 to 15 minutes to complete an ink wash painting on delicate silk xuyen paper. Finding joy in painting, Duy Ngoc maintains a beautiful soul and a sense of tranquility amid life's busyness. This is also a way for the young man to contribute to preserving and developing the distinctive cultural aspects of his people.

With more than a decade dedicated to the arts, Le Duy Ngoc has accumulated a vast collection of ink wash paintings and calligraphy. His works are regularly featured in exhibitions during the Traditional Craft Festival in Hue. Currently, he is active in the Calligraphy Club at the Hue Information and Culture Center.

The art gallery of the Calligraphy Club at 51 Hai Ba Trung Street showcases Ngoc's outstanding ink wash paintings and calligraphy alongside the works of other artists and calligraphers from Hue. It is an ideal place for art enthusiasts to add vibrancy to the pedestrian street in the heart of Hue.

Each person seeks different forms of art to satisfy their passions. For Le Duy Ngoc, the challenging journey on the path of ink wash painting and calligraphy is not only driven by passion but also serves to keep the peace in his soul. It is his way of preserving cultural heritage in the midst of today's fast-paced life.

Story and photo: Quoc Huu
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