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The publication "Royal Literature on Hue Royal Architecture" launched

TTH.VN - Hue Monuments Conservation Center has just launched the publication "Royal Literature on Hue Royal Architecture". This is the first time a special publication on royal literature on Hue royal architecture has been introduced to the public.

Hue Cultural Chorography: A gift for present and future generationsNewly released book series “Vietnamese stories in the ancient bibliography"

The special publication on royal literature on Hue royal architecture

The publication introduces 1,500 unique poems on architectural works of Hue Ancient Capital, which are selected and published relatively comprehensively the values of content and form, as well as overall meanings, helping the contemporary public to get access and deeply understand an important historical period of the country.

Literature has existed alongside with the architectural works of Hue for more than 200 years. Having gone through fierce wars and changes of time, these poems are not only a memory of a dynasty, but also a whole legacy of the nation and humanity. They have not only embellished these architectural works, but also contained unique historical, literary, artistic, and architectural values.

The book is an imprint for the 5-year journey of the legacy “Royal Literature on Hue Royal Architecture”, recognized as a world documentary heritage (May 2016 - May 2021), kicking off a new journey in the preservation and promotion of this special heritage value.

Story and photoMinh Hien

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Tourist numbers to Hue surge during Tet

The Department of Tourism has reported that during the Giap Thin Lunar New Year (Year of the Dragon), the number of tourists visiting Hue for sightseeing and experiences has significantly increased compared to that of the same period in 2023, with many accommodation facilities fully booked during the festive days.

Tourist numbers to Hue surge during Tet
“Into the Wild” with Jeet Zdung

Comic artist and illustrator Jeet Zdung’s exhibition “Awake” included 50 works on the theme of wild art, opening a new and unique world of animals and their own stories. The exhibition is co-organized by Hanoi Grapevine and at Song Platform, Zone A2, Hung Vuong Commercial Center, Phu Nhuan Ward, Hue City.

“Into the Wild” with Jeet Zdung
LimDim House and dreamers’ trips

Regularly appears on domestic architecture newspapers and on television programs about well-designed spaces, and once on the American architecture website, the 1991-born Tran Ngo Chi Mai, the founder of LimDim House Studio, is no longer unfamiliar to those who are passionate about architecture. Moreover, her name is associated with youthful, creative projects, which are fascinating destinations for “dreamers”.

LimDim House and dreamers’ trips
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