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47 years old, 60 times of blood donation

TTH.VN - Ms. Huynh Ngoc Trang is a familiar face with the Hematology and Transfusion Center, Hue Central Hospital. For 25 years of non-stop volunteering, she has spread the spirit of "Sharing blood, giving life".

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 Ms. Ngoc Trang encourages members to participate in donating platelets

The priority is saving lives

With 33 times donating whole blood and 27 times donating platelets, Ms. Huynh Ngoc Trang was greatly admired by many people. As Vice President of the Red Cross Society of Huong Thuy town, Ms. Trang is the one who contributes to spreading the voluntary blood donation movement widely in the community.

When talking about his colleague, Mr. Pham Xuan Hau, Chairman of the Red Cross Society of Huong Thuy town cannot hide his pride: "Not only is she a pioneer, but she also helps more people understand the meaning of the voluntary blood donation".

Ms. Trang's first voluntary blood donation took place in 1998, when she was the Secretary of the Youth Union of a residential area. “At that time, I only thought that one time of donating blood would save one’s life, so I enthusiastically registered. That's all,” she recalls.

The most common type of blood donation is whole blood and partial donation (platelet donation). When her condition did not meet the required parameters of platelet donation, she went online to find out more, ask a doctor for dietary advice. After the test showed her achieving standards, she started donating platelets regularly every year.

Due to the impact of the pandemic, in 2020, the voluntary blood donation movement slowed down, the need for emergency blood and platelets for patients became urgent.

To flexibly adapt to the change, she took small groups to the Hematology and Transfusion Center to donate blood and platelets. Up to now, in the 3rd year, the Platelet Donor Team of Huong Thuy town has organized 70 platelet donation sessions with nearly 400 participants.

 Ms. Trang awarding the certificate for blood donation to members of Blood Donation Team of Huong Thuy Town

In 2020, while she was going to carry out flood and storm emergency care, she received news that blood was urgently needed for a pregnant woman at Hue Central Hospital suffering from hemorrhage. She and her colleague immediately came to the hospital to give blood. The pregnant woman who was saved that day has now become her close sister, the two keep in touch and meet each other whenever they have free time.

Another case that she will never forget is a father from Quang Tri who came to Hematology and Transfusion Center to donate platelets to his child, who was under treatment. As the test showed they did not share the same blood type, he was crying his eyes out. After encouraging, explaining, taking him to see the doctor for consulting, 15 minutes later, he returned, and the child was given platelets by Ms. Trang's group during the surgery.

From many times of blood donation, emergency platelet donation, Ms. Trang has made new friends from the patient's family. It was a pensioner in A Luoi, a seamstress in Quang Dien, a small merchant in Phu Vang…

Spreading an inspirational lifestyle

Enhancing the action of "Sharing blood, giving life", she actively formed groups and spread the message on social networking sites. Each blood donation sent a meaningful message and image to the community. Her family has 5 sisters, all of whom have "achievement" of donating blood 12-20 times. Each of Trang's sisters is also a volunteer who continues to encourage the blood donation among relatives and friends.

As an eager activist in the community, she passed on the spirit of a beautiful and meaningful life to family members. Nguyen Huynh Ngan Ha, Trang's first daughter, marked her 18th birthday by voluntary blood donation.

Until now, being a student at the Hue University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Hue University, Ngan Ha still participates in blood donation with members of the local club. Trang's husband, a soldier working at the Provincial Military Command, has also voluntarily donated his blood for 7 times.

“I think the human body is like a well, the water dries and flows again thanks to a good supply. Donating blood has no negative consequences for the body, donating platelets is even more precious. I myself donate 60 times and still be healthy as usual. Every time you donate, you will get a health check," Ms. Trang brought her story as proof in blood donation campaigns.

Mr. Le Thanh Hai – Chief of Public Relations, Hematology and Transfusion Center, Hue Central Hospital shared: "Not only is she a leader in every campaign, Ms. Trang is also an exemplary and enthusiastic blood donor under any circumstances. The most touching story is when the pandemic was intense, she showed no hesitation in dangerous, tough situation, together with other brothers and sisters in Huong Thuy came to give blood when the patient needed it. Huynh Ngoc Trang is a precious one, an intriguing role model for me to talk to many people about this 47-year-old woman's special blood donation story."

With an admirable number of blood donations, she is one of the 100 outstanding voluntary blood donors honored in 2022. 25 years of working with voluntary blood donations, this compassionate woman shared that she would keep joining hands to save the sick. Continuing on that journey, she also has to improve her health through excercising and healthy lifestyle so that "With every drop of blood given away, one life stays".

Story, photos: Tue Ninh
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