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A steadfast anchorage

TTH.VN - “A steadfast anchorage” is the aspirations and hopes of generations of fishermen venturing out to sea and the local authorities of Thua Thien Hue province in their efforts to meet the evolving needs of the fishing community.

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The Thuan An Fishing Port project (Thuan An ward, Hue City), combined with an anchorage and storm shelter, has been constructed with a budget of 220 billion VND, and has been implemented and completed after over three years of construction. Situated by the Thuan An Estuary, Thuan An Fishing Port, along with the anchorage and storm shelter, has become a solid connection point and a reliable fulcrum for fishermen setting out to sea.

The Thuan An fishing port, combined with the anchorage and storm shelter area, has been completed to ensure that the scale of ships docking and leaving the port reaches a minimum capacity of 20,000 tons per year, creating favourable conditions for ships to dock and unload goods, preserve aquatic products, and ensure technical criteria for environmental sanitation, wastewater treatment systems, and power and water supply systems. Currently, the project on Thuan An fishing port combined with the anchorage and storm shelter area has been completed and handed over for management and operation. Although there remain some tasks that the relevant agencies continue to complete for the fishing port to be officially put into operation according to the scale of the project; however, with the new fishing port, ships from both inside and outside the province have docked at Thuan An fishing port more. Many fishermen from Phu Thuan and Phu Hai communes (Phu Vang district) also choose Thuan An Port as the place to refuel to prepare for long fishing trips or to land to sell their catches to traders.

Through the lens of the photographer Hai Duong, Thua Thien Hue Weekly invites readers to visit the Thuan An estuary area to see this dream project.

The pier system, where fishing boats dock when entering Thuan An fishing port 
 The people feel secure in the anchorage
Abundance from the sea


“Eating forward, working backward”

At Thuan An Estuary (Phu Vang dist.), the meeting place of Tam Giang Lagoon and the sea, there is a very special career: clam collecting. Villagers there call it the career of “eating forward, working backward.”

“Eating forward, working backward”
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