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Commencement of the project of the coastal road through the Province and the bridge over the Thuan An Estuary

TTH.VN - This investment project was approved by the Provincial People's Committee in August 2021. The investor is the Traffic Construction Investment Project Management Board (in the implementation phase of the project).

The construction works "building the foundation" for Hue to develop

Delegates pressing the button to start the project

On March 26th, the groundbreaking ceremony of the project of the coastal road through Thua Thien Hue Province and the bridge over Thuan An Estuary took place in Thai Duong Ha Nam Village (Hai Duong Commune, Hue City).

This project aims to form a tourist route along the coast of Thua Thien Hue Province, thereby promoting the formation of coastal urban areas, serving local socio-economic and tourism development, together with improving and enhancing people's lives in coastal communes in particular and Thua Thien Hue Province in general. At the same time, it heads towards connecting smoothly with the planned national coastal roads, creating favorable conditions for transportation in the North - South direction, as well as increasing connectivity to seaports, economic zones, and industrial zones in the Central Coast.

Vehicles participating in the construction

This project will also contribute to strengthening national defense and security, improving capacity for disaster prevention, search and rescue work, and protecting people's property and life in the stormy-rainy season. Besides, it also creates a coastal land bank of about 1,500 ha for urban development, thereby increasing attraction of investors, large enterprises, and corporations to Hue to invest in the construction and development of tourism infrastructure projects, services, resorts, and other socio-economic development projects for Thua Thien Hue province. 

Upon its completion, the scale of the project will reach the total length of 21.8km, including 3 phases with a total investment of VND 3,496 billion. Particularly, phase 1 covers the length of 7,785m, starting from Tam Giang Bridge to the bridge crossing Thuan An Estuary and ending at the intersection of Highway 49A - Highway 49B in Thuan An Ward. Among which, the bridge over Thuan An Estuary is 2,360.6m long, with the cross-section being 26m and the width being 20m. The total investment (in phase 1) is 2,400 billion VND, and the construction time is expected to be 3 years.



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