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Catch the trend with purple fashions

TTH.VN - In late 2019, on the catwalk of Chanel (a famous French fashion brand) purple hue was introduced as a new fashion trend. It seemed to be an updating story of staging models, but it turned out young people in Hue have caught this trend quite quickly.

The quietness of green fashionBringing Zeng onto Hue ao dai

Purple sets are displayed by many fashion shops in Hue

The proof is in recent months, the color of purple has died up the local fashion shops and the wears of many fashion followers when they walk the streets.

Purple shades leading the way

Walking around the fashion shops in Hue, we face no difficulties in encountering the sets of purple hues on display. The pastel colors of 2019 were stripped out of the mannequins, leaving room for purple - the trendy color of 2020.

Hai Dinh, owner of the Valency fashion shop in Hue city shared: “Unlike before when purple fashion was not appreciated, which made us quite hesitant to order, in recent months, sets in purple have been sold 3 times more than the other colors. Not only young people but U40 buyers also come for them. Apart from the trendy sets available on the market, we also design the purple costumes of our own and they sell really well”.

Purple fashion became a craze at the end of 2019 when Jennie Black Pink’s purple blended outfit hit the catwalk of Chanel Cruise by the end of 2019 and this hue continued to rule many fashion catwalks both in Europe and Asia and created a fashion effect on social networks. Along with young people in the big cities at the two ends of the country, fashion followers in the ancient capital city also "caught the trend" with a speed.

Tuong Vy, a young fashion enthusiast in Hue shared that together with the purple shade of Hue, taro purple, and lilac purple have driven the females crazy with their extraordinary punch when being applied over the costumes. Today, thanks to the instant information update and the availability of online sales channels, it is not difficult for fashion enthusiasts to hunt and choose.

Hue market today is catching up faster with domestic and international fashion trends. Therefore, when purple tones were put on by foreign supermodels or Vietnamese stars like Ngoc Trinh and Chi Pu, the local market is quickly filled up with the goods of all types: tank tops, crop tops, skirts or flared pants, etc.

The beauty of this 2020’s ruling color is that it is not only for females but also a fit for males as many fashion units and shops have launched their purple sets for men. This helps to free up the desire of young couples who want to match their clothes.

“We just bought a pair of youthful purple T-shirts. The clothing price in Hue is quite reasonable, from a few tens of thousands to about 300 thousand VND, so it is not difficult to "chase up" trendy sets. Compared to the previous common colors, purple is very impressive as this color makes many people think of Hue in the first strike”, Na Na, living in Hue city, revealed.

The mix-matching fever

Back in the past, many young people assumed that purple was unfashionable, nostalgic, and picky. For the same reason, the sets of Spring - Summer 2020 in light of the purple’s domination have rushed into the mix-matching rally to evolve their fashionability.

Hoai Thuong, manager of a fashion shop in Ba Trieu Street, Hue city said that the addition of a new set of clothes in someone’s wardrobe always triggers a mix-matching tendency in their mind. Many young people who bought a purple outfit do not regret spending time studying the way to come up with a new set that is shiny, classy yet inexpensive at the same time.

"There are many suggestions in mix-matching with purple, in which the main principles are:‘luxurious when paired with cold tones’, ‘stylish when combined with light hues’, ‘enigmatic when mixed with gray shades’ or ‘brilliant when blended with white’. For example, combining a trendy purple skirt with a white T-shirt will create a youthful style,” Ms. Thuong analyzed.

On top of monochromatic fashion styles, many young people have also altered their taste when picking up purple clothes with patterns like flowers, dark, and light polka dots to inspire a sense of eye-pleasing feeling yet feminine.

During the second half of 2020, the purple color is still expected to be the chic color. Therefore, while the ancient capital is still blazing in the summer sun, many clothing shops and fashion followers have already planned for their autumn-winter sets.

Fashion always changes with time, and catching the trends is the talent of young people. Active girls in Hue city are no exception. They are willing to go trendy, yet still uphold the unique charm of Hue's girls. Perhaps because of that, the pace of life and the fashion market in Hue are gradually more and more dynamic.

Story and photo: Huu Phuc

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