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Check in Hue and you will love it

TTH.VN - Ngoc said that she just took advantage of the holiday to take her mother to visit Hue. They did not have much time, but they loved and chose Hue for what they had read.

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Khe Ngang lake, which appeared in the MV Chung ta cua hien tai (We belong to Present) by Son Tung M-TP. Photo: N.H

We chose a quiet place because my mother is aged and I like tranquility. Within our limited time, I’d like to visit The Imperial, Thien Mu Pagoda, Tu Duc and Khai Dinh Tombs, Dong Ba market and some well-known temples.

I told her about Huyen Khong Son Thuong, showed her the way there and reminded her to consult Google map. I also showed her some photos and told her about Khe Ngang lake, which appeared in the MV Chung ta cua hien tai (We belong to Present) by Son Tung M-TP. The girl nodded her head and hurriedly open her phone to see the route.

I received her phone called late that morning saying that they both enjoyed the destination. Unfortunately, the bamboo bridge in the photo was no longer where it should have been, but floating on the lake instead.

Also from Saigon, Tram – a “fragile” woman – traveled with her husband. “We enjoyed the bird singing waking us up in early morning, loved the rain falling tilt the straw roof in the middle of the afternoon,” said Tram.

“We’ve found that everything is so pretty during this visit to Hue. Hue food is a bit spicy to me, but very delicious and inexpensive. I don’t find Hue melancholy and I really wanted to stay for more days to visit more places and learn more things.”

She said that their phones have become an archive of photos of the places they have checked in during this trip. Khoi, Tram’s husband, said “I’ll take Tram back here. I’ve been to Hue once, but when I returned this time, I found it astonishingly different. We both love this graceful city.”

Thien An hill is as beautiful as it is in Dalat. Photo: N.H

Dat and Long rushed to Hue after a connecting flight from Phu Quoc. Long said they chose Hue for relaxation after a hard week taking photos for a show. Dat smiled and confirmed it.

“No need to go far, it is a way of relaxing to just sit and enjoy the breeze. In Hanoi, it is very crowded. Phu Quoc is crowded, too. It is very comfortable to be in Hue with its gentility,” Dat said.

There is regret for the two young men: it was a waste of time and energy to ride a bike all the way to Thanh Tan for the zipline at the Alba resort. They could not make it because the service was just closed. But they positively think they have already checked in and wish to be back.

Kim and friends had two days of weekend. When she heard the group happily discussed the places to visit, she felt like returning to being young. They were very quick at finding the destinations within a radius of three kilometers from their accommodation.

They have found that the scene in Thien An hill is as beautiful as it is in Dalat. They also had splendid pictures when they checked in the art space of Le Ba Dang. The poetic golden morning sunlight was captured along the way to Thieu Tri. And there was a girl who got up very early while her friends were still asleep just to record the sunrise in Vong Canh hill.

I know I now have younger friends, which is little happiness every day. And I know Hue will be loved more after those checks-in.


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