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Enterprises to support Hue University in semiconductor training

TTH.VN - On the morning of April 5, Hue University organized a seminar on the topic of "Potential and challenges in training human resources for the semiconductor chip industry".

Semiconductor chips - Core of technological eraThe final round of the "Hue - ICT Challenge - 2024" contest opened

 An expert shared information with Hue University students

Experts from leading domestic semiconductor chip enterprises have shared information about the semiconductor chip sector with more than 500 students from member universities and faculties of Hue University.

The strong development of the semiconductor chip technology industry is a reality in countries around the world, including Vietnam. The rapid development speed also means that the issue of human resource training has become one of the decisive problems raised for the semiconductor chip industry, attracting the attention of the society.

According to experts, Vietnam currently has more than 40 enterprises operating in the field of chip design, with a total workforce of more than 5,000 engineers and is on the rise over time. The development of a supporting business ecosystem and teams of chip design engineers, electronic engineers and embedded programmers will help Vietnamese human resources become more prominent and gradually participate more deeply in the stages of the semiconductor chip value chain.

Every year, Hue University trains nearly 300 students related to the field of Integrated Circuit (IC) and semiconductor technology, including: Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Control and Automation Engineering, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, and Electronics Telecommunications and Mechatronics. However, there are no specialized training programs for the IC and semiconductor technology. The human resources to serve this industry is still a challenge for training units.

In 2024, Hue University decided to open specialized majors to train human resources for the sector of the IC and semiconductor. Accordingly, there will be two establishments opening majors and specialized majors related to the semiconductors, which are the IC Design Technology at the Faculty of Engineering and Technology and Semiconductor Technology at the University of Sciences, Hue University.

At the seminar, the enterprises affirmed that they would actively cooperate with units of Hue University in training human resources for that sector; thereby, meeting the needs of the domestic and international IC and semiconductor industry in the coming time.

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Semiconductor chips - Core of technological era

On the morning of April 4th, speaker Nguyen Trung Dan, Associate Professor at the University of Arizona, USA, held a talk show, sharing insights with lecturers, students, and high school students of the University of Sciences, Hue University on the topic of “Semiconductor Chips - The core of the technological era.”

Semiconductor chips - Core of technological era
Japanese businesses want to recruit workers in the economic sectors

On the afternoon of March 26th, Orient Human Design Inc Association, together with UT Aim Co., Ltd, Japan had a working session with University of Economics, Hue University on connecting and offering internship positions to students, as well as placing orders regarding human resource training for Japanese businesses in the near future.

Japanese businesses want to recruit workers in the economic sectors
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