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Exciting the 34th Traditional Boat Racing Festival to Celebrate National Day

TTH.VN - On the occasion of the 78th anniversary of the National Day of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam (2/9/1945 - 2/9/2023), on the morning of September 2nd, on the Huong River, in front of the gate of Hai Ba Trung High School (Hue City), the Department of Culture and Sports organized the 34th Provincial Traditional Boat Racing Competition in Thua Thien Hue Province.

Thrilling boat racing event on Nhu Y riverBustling traditional boat racing on Vuc river after 3-year hiatus

 The racing teams gathered to compete in this event

This year's Traditional Boat Racing Competition attracted more than 300 athletes from 9 districts and towns, and Hue City. Each racing team competed according to the rules of two rounds of four laps (cung, tien and pha categories) in the traditional boat race. Specifically, the cung and tien races consisted of three rounds of six laps, covering a distance of 1,000 meters for men and 500 meters for women. The teams competed for a team pha prize (showcasing the collective strength of the rowers), a team cung prize (the winning team is believed to bring luck to the village), and eight tien prizes (four for women and four for men).

From early in the morning, thousands of local residents from various districts, towns, and Hue city in Thua Thien Hue, along with domestic and international tourists, eagerly gathered on both banks of the Huong River to cheer and celebrate the skilled rowers in the Traditional Boat Racing Festival.

The boat racing competition is not just a sports event but a deeply rooted cultural activity, held annually to celebrate the National Day of the country. Besides uplifting the spirits of the people, this event also serves to promote the image of Hue to visitors. It continues to support the campaign "The People aspire to follow the example of great Uncle Ho," while maintaining and developing the traditional sports training movement of the nation to preserve and promote the local and national sports cultural heritage.

This year’s National Day in Hue took place in beautiful weather. The audience grew steadily, flocking to both banks of the Huong River, jostling to watch and cheer for the racing teams. The continuous applause and enthusiastic cheers from the spectators, along with the vibrant atmosphere on the riverbanks, made the boat racing competition increasingly captivating. Amid the cheers and support of the local residents and tourists, the dragon boat and traditional boat racing teams competed fiercely and intensively. The normally tranquil Huong River came alive on this festive day, with waves of excitement. Notably, the women's traditional boat racing teams were equally determined.

The Traditional Boat Racing Festival in Thua Thien Hue Province has been continuously maintained and developed for many years. It is a practical activity aimed at preserving and promoting the cultural beauty, uplifting martial spirit, and praying for national prosperity, peace, favorable weather, and abundant harvests. Through this festival, the goal is to develop boat racing and dragon boat racing as popular activities among the people, promoting health and honing the water skills of the local residents.

Below are some images from the 34th Traditional Boat Racing Competition:

 The 34th Traditional Boat Racing Competition attracted over 300 athletes
 Teams in action
 Intense competition as they race down the river
 Drawing the attention of thousands of spectators who came to watch and cheer
 Crossing the finish line
 Despite the hot sun, the crowd remained enthusiastic in their support
 The Traditional Boat Racing Festival has become a celebration of National Day
By Thai Binh – Dinh Hoang
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