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Found the love and gratitude from books

TTH.VN - " In the depth of my heart, I understand that books have brought us not only plentiful knowledge and picturesque language, but also aroused love and gratitude" - Ha Huu Thai Hoang - a 4th grade student of Ly Thuong Kiet Primary School (Hue City) shared about the values that books have brought him in the journey of spreading love to the community.

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Ha Huu Thai Hoang (middle) and friends are receiving the award. Photo: M. Chi

From "Summer Bookstore"

Thai Hoang is the writer of the article that won the first prize of the Provincial 2022 Reading Culture Ambassador Contest and the national B prize for the short story "Summer Bookstore".

In "Summer Bookstore", Thai Hoang told about a boy, who created a reading space right in his family's living room. The idea was approved by his parents immediately when they heard it. And not only reserved for personal needs, he has also connected with many friends of his age to read books and share stories, good books, etc. In addition, the reading group members also plan their weekly activities.

Not only that, in the short story "Summer Bookstore", Thai Hoang persuaded the jury with the idea of ​​the project of joining hands to build the "mobile bookstores" in remote areas by donating stories, books, etc., from savings and calling for support of the community.

On the day of receiving the prize, Thai Hoang shared that it was a memorable experience. This contest was a place for him and many friends to express their ideas, explore the world in the books, meet and learn from each other.

“From this contest, I have worked hard to create and determine on carrying out the project of bringing books and learning aids to more than 300 students of Cha Val Primary School in Nam Giang District, Quang Nam Province. I deeply understand that books have brought us not only plentiful knowledge and picturesque language, but also aroused love and gratitude,” Thai Hoang shared.

Thai Hoang also said that in the process of implementing the project, his teachers and family always accompanied and encouraged him. "I wish that all children in the province and all over the country would take care of reading, and have the opportunities to participate in meaningful contests like this," Hoang said after receiving the prize.

The same as Thai Hoang’s, more than 10,300 entries for the 2022 Reading Culture Ambassador Contest with the theme of "Aspirations to develop the country" had so many ideas and profound feelings about books that bring about emotions and effectiveness to the reader. Not only expressing in written form, many entries were also invested quite elaborately and creatively in drawing illustrations, writing comics, recording videos, etc.

Mr. Phan Thanh Hai, Director of the Department of Culture and Sports, said that the theme of the contest not only helped candidates orient how to choose books to perform the exam, but from a seemingly considerable topic, helped many candidates propose the solutions and tasks that are very close to the environment and their age; thereby, arousing and forming civic responsibilities in each citizen to their homeland, country, and community.

Through the contest, it could be seen that the habit of reading and sharing books is still maintained and promoted by many people of all ages and professions. This was a very good signal for the development of reading culture in particular and the improvement of people's knowledge in general in Vietnam. It once again confirmed that the contest has a great success and creates a strong influence on the movement of developing a reading culture in the community.

Students are donating books to build a cultural bookcase (illustration). Photo: MC

Introduce books by beautiful shootings

Along with the closing and awarding prizes and the Reading Culture Ambassador Contest, there was also the Online Book Introduction Contest 2022. In this contest, the organization department received more than 190 videos from 68 schools in the province. The participants selected to introduce good and interesting books with diverse and plentiful content written by domestic and foreign writers.

Notably, there are students who chose to introduce books about Hue with beautiful scenes and promote the culture, tourism, and people of the poetic Hue Ancient Capital. The others chose to share books with new and topical topics and associated with the theme of "Books and aspirations and dreams", by means of that, they felt more responsible for life and continued to strive to achieve their goals.

Ms. Hoang Thi Kim Oanh, Director of the Provincial General Library - Head of the Organizing Department of both contests, thought that, in addition to spreading the reading culture, the contest also became a valuable source of information to introduce thousands of good and interesting books to a large number of readers and book lovers all over the country, and aimed to serve the community afar.

By Nhat Minh

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