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Getting nostalgic with vintage coffee shops

TTH.VN - Amid the modern society, young people sometimes get caught up in the streets filled with car horns, constant year-long deadlines, or skyscrapers, and modern electronic devices... At that times, many young people choose to nestle in ancient spaces to relieve themselves, throwing back to their ancestors’ old days, which were difficult but peaceful and slow.

Gentle, elegant “vintage” photographyVintage Vespa scooters paraded around Hue city

Nha 87 coffee shop is loved by many young people

In an afternoon when the sunset fell on streets, the busy stream of people brought me to Nha 87 coffee shop. Being located at 87 Le Huan Street, Nha 87 impresses many people by its image of a small antique yellow house at first glance, which is tinged with time and covered with the lightness and simplicity.

The coffee shop is designed in an idyllic style, mainly with the warm yellow color, recalling the old days, full of nostalgia. Many young people will probably be impressed with the simplicity of the design when entering this coffee shop.

Neither colorful nor modern, Nha 87 cleverly creates the harmony in its space, from the golden filament light bulbs, small wooden tables to the decorative objects... All of them make many people feel comfortable just like being at home.

Additionally, Nha 87 also attracts many young people thanks to its wooden staircase, the airy balcony corner with a peaceful view of Hue Imperial Citadel in the middle of the city, as well as corners for reading and posing for photos. In addition, as the price is low, many young people choose this place as stopover to recharge energy after stressful hours of studying and working.

“My friends and I often stop by Nha 87 to chat, read books, and work to deadlines together. We choose this place as a familiar place as we always feel comfortable and light, helping us to relieve stress,” shared Mai Thi Giang Lin (a student at University of Sciences, Hue University).

Ancient and nostalgic space at 1976 coffee shop attracts young people

One more address with nostalgic vintage style, which is popular with many young people, is Nha coffee shop. Being rebuilt from an old house in Dong Da apartment complex, it is a combination of a cafe and a restaurant, giving many young customers the feeling of being at home.

Everything in there, from the tablecloth to the bowls, hand fans, curtains or even the bar stand, all bring a sense of nostalgia, making many people think of a family home in the 1990s or the early 2000s.

More specifically, many young people choose to drink coffee, study, and have lunch at the coffee shop. Many people are impressed by the meals full of soup, meat, fish, and stir-fried dishes, which are hot, delicious and full of family flavor, just like home-cooked meals prepared by their mothers.

On the background of deep Trinh music, Nha coffee shop is a proper destination for those in need of a quiet place to study, chat with friends, or drink a relaxing cup of coffee.

Neatly located in the heart of Hue City, Cong coffee shop brings with it a classic Hanoi, blending with the simple and poetic features of the ancient capital. The armchairs from grandparents’ time, the cushions with red and green peacock pattern, the curtains with soldiers' clothing green color, the soldiers' hats, and some all-inclusive notebooks quietly sitting at the display corner, etc., creating a very Hanoian space in the 1980s.

That attracts many young people to stop by the coffee shop to share happy or even sad stories, find some peace in the noisy life, enjoy some peanut candy bars, o mai (salted or sugared dry apricot), delicious cups of coffee, and watch the streets late at night or early in the morning.

In addition to the coffee shops of Nha 87, Cong coffee, or Nha, there are also other vintage-style coffee shops, including: TA Coffee & Bakery, Tan, and Root café, etc., which are favored by young people because of their friendly and close spaces, the arrangement of tables and chairs, or the decoration bring a sense of familiarity and nostalgia.

They are also places where many young people choose to stop by to quietly look at the crowded streets, let go of their stress after a week of studying and working hard, or take unique and eye-catching photos for themselves.

Story and photos: DANG TRINH

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