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The peaceful Quang Ngan

TTH.VN - Hue has come into summer with the peach of the sun and the sound of cicadas resounding on the canopy of leaves. Sometimes the spring still pours mist into the early sunrise and late sunset. With the desire to see ‘the region of weeping willow’ and the ocean in the middle of this time, we chose Tan My village (Quang Ngan commune, Quang Dien district - more than 15km north of Hue City) to enjoy the rustic, close and serene beauty of nature which is typical of the coastal village of Thua Thien on the other side of Tam Giang lagoon.

Tam Giang - Cau HaiThe colors of Ru Cha

 Deep green fields

Following the road of Ca Cut, there still seemed to be the echo of the boatman’s call in the midst of the vast sky and water in the past. Such thing has now been turned into the spacious National Highway 49B, which crosses a dreamlike stretch of land in the downstream of the Perfume River. Contemplating the scenery, we felt like singing a beautiful and wonderful homeland song from the bottom of our hearts.

As soon as our car passed Thao Long dam, we turned off the air conditioner, opened the windows, freely breathed in the fresh wind blowing from the vast Tam Giang lagoon, and widened our eyes to appreciate the picturesque countryside, the greenish Ru Cha forest, and the peaceful villages appearing and disappearing in an instant while feeling our hearts overflowing with immense joy.

And there, in the far distance lied the Tam Giang bridge in the midst of the vastness, as beautiful as a poem of Thua Thien Hue. The bridge in its elegant appearance was very graceful and proud.

Looking at the white sand dunes on the banks by the rice paddies in full bloom, we hoped that this place would become a beautiful sand-boarding area for the youth of our hometown in the near future. Hopefully, the wind of Tam Giang lagoon will arouse the interest in discovering and exploiting the hidden beauty of our homeland.

Endless fields of watermelon and sweet potatoes were here and there. In the watchtowers lied the radiant smiles of the people in the harvest season. Dark emerald green watermelons, light jade green melons, and bright red sweet potatoes were piled up on the banks of the field.

Children in red scarves chirped like beautiful birds in spacious and peaceful schools. A few blocks of small, yet hectic, market streets sometimes appeared along the way. We were all excited to discover that life here was so cozy.

When our car reached Vinh Tu wharf, it’s also time to make a turn to Tan My, a beautiful fishing village with a very gentle coastline, a beautiful beach as the name suggests, filled with the pride of the people of Quang Ngan. I have been to many beaches such as Thuan An, Canh Duong, Lang Co, etc., each has its own beauty, but I have a special love for Tan My.

I often wonder if it is the subconscious of my maternal hometown in the distant Van Gia village that makes me fall in love with Tan My, a peaceful little fishing village at the foot of this wave trough. Perhaps!

But surely, my love for it is also because of the special look in the village where the houses gather together and hug each other. In the small village of Tan My A, the houses are close together, leaning on each other just like boats returning to the wharf. Every time a natural disaster strikes, it is like a clenched fist, firmly coiling through the stormy seasons. Because of that, the alleys here are only about 1m, turning into a road surrounding the houses. There, you can go around the village without using the main road. A life that seems cramped, but turns out to be cozy.

Looking down from above, the roofs are like small, calm, peaceful waves in the sand bay, under those folds is a life full of love, affection, protection, willingness to give rice and clothes to each other. Twelve clans have been living together here as relatives for many generations. They live a life of attachment, love, sharing, and trust.

As a result, there is no place like this one. Most of the doors are left open, and people live just like the sea breeze comfortably blowing in and out. It is also precious that all the works of pagodas, communal houses, shrines, cultural houses, etc., are all joined by the clans. Everyone contributes to embellish these constructions with a heart of love for their ancestors and their homeland.

A precious and united life has existed for a long time, as if there was no other possible way to survive in a resilient and proud way by the seashore, on a stretch of white sand, with the inside being the clouds and water of Tam Giang lagoon, and the outside being the sea stretching to the far horizon.

Late in the spring afternoon, the sun was shining softly on the peaceful sea surface with dimming waves. While the fishing boats were still lying on the wharf, the air was filled with the fragrant smells of grilled seafood from food stalls and restaurants in the sound of whitecaps lapping up against the shore.

In our 70s, we just decided to walk on the sea together. However, we couldn’t help jumping with the waves, and then rushing into the sea like children returning to their mothers.The sea was warm, filled with echoes of our laughter. At that moment, I nearly forgot my age, and felt as if my soul was a wave.

At sunset, the sun looked like a giant red tomato in the afternoon dew in this season. There were young people carrying or pushing fishing boats into the sea. Being unable to contain our excitement, we asked to join the boat push.

Looking at the boat sailing out to sea in the hopeful, affectionate gaze of the fishermen's relatives, I felt a wave of gratitude and earnestness in my heart.

After staying the night in Hien Cat Homestay, which used to be a house of the people in the fishing village that has been redecorated in a cute way, the next morning we went to the sea early to catch the fishing boat back.

Seeing the joy of welcoming the boat to the wharf and the delight of fishermen at the peaceful well-being, as well as being able to buy and enjoy fresh seafood right on the wharf in the morning, we found life in Tan My, which is less than 30 km from Hue City, extremely lovely.

We were together from dusk to dawn, in which an entire morning was spent enjoying a cup of fragrant coffee in front of the sea, chatting with a few villagers, taking a deep breath of fresh air, and then going back to town. We promised ourselves to come back and stay for a long time in the gentle and peaceful Tan My village in the near future.

This is because there are so many things to explore regarding the people and their lives in Tan My beach, Quang Ngan commune. It is a worthy destination for us and the youth who want to return to the pristine beauty and enjoy a life imbued with the soul of a dear fishing village.

Story and photo: TRIEN THAO
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